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Virtual Sacrifice Log

Aici zace un om despre care nu se ştie prea mult

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☞Wasteland Warlock☜
15 January 1978
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Quotes about me from Friendster users:
  • "kingfox has always been a great friend! Ever since high school =) He'll stick in there with you through the tough times and has always been a great guy... you just have to ignore the rambling rants occasionally ^_-" - mingtm
  • "He understands why NJ is the best state ever." - josephgrossberg
  • "When kingfox showers at my apartment he always uses the crappiest towel he can find. There are big fluffy ones available, but he always takes the small crap ass one. I think once he even dried himself with a hand towel." - kikibird
  • "Unlike all of my other significant others, kingfox hasn't tried to kill me yet. I think this is a testament to his good nature as a human being. And to how cute I am." - jenniever
  • "kingfox has long hair. he's also really nice, 'cause when i was really drunk he gave me a blanket so i could go sleepy time. the end." - drunkinmunchkin
  • "Ok. . . Where would this guy be without me? When I first met kingfox he was a naive virgin with a buzz cut and crazy right wing political views. Needless to say that after more than ten years kingfox has really straightened himself out. Do not look to kingfox for this self actualization! What are you viewing ladies and gentleman is the result of years of hard work by yours truly. Who do think got his scared central Jersey ass to try Jolt and Sushi. If any of you low lifes doubt this, drop me a line a line and I will let you know about the uphill battle to get him to throw out his Tesla CDs." - petemagyar
  • "kingfox is a really emotional guy, and I really admire that about him." - periol
  • "Unlike all of my other employers, kingfox hasn't tried to kill me yet. I think this is a testament to his good nature as a human being. And to how cute I am." - jenniever
  • "What can i say about kingfox? Hmm, one thing that comes to mind is that he used to scare the living shit out of me and all my freshman friends the year he lived on Welsh One... AND that he is completely the opposite of what he seemed. Eventhough i haven't seen him since i graduated from drew, i remember Living Council, WMNJ (which he gracefully let me take over unbeknownst to feffthekidd heheh - just kidding - I actually was just the Librarian so they could say they had a girl on staff) and all his talk about Majic and other geek things... kingfox was a good friend to me eventhough he won't admit calling me drunk one night and asking to cuddle... Black leather never goes out of style! kingfox, you wear it well!" - Amy
  • "I was once creative and kind, now I'm just boring and mean :) Seriously, my friendship with kingfox has proven just how small the world is - and who can complain when you run into nice guys with pretty long hair and just the right amount of angst to make you smile, laugh, and be glad you're a geek :)" - miscca
  • "You might think that kingfox is a creepy guy, but that's just what he wants you to think. Do not be fooled! He is such an amazingly good person and friend. kingfox is like the squishiest golden retriever puppy, except he's smart and human." - kikibird
    If I could, I would cast him in bronze, for he is herioc, benevolent, and a figure of power. He dwells in splendor, where mere, weak mortals such as ourselves can only shiver testily in the cold and wonder 'what might it be like?'
    His munificence is known far and wide; a swami once told me that kingfox had once cured his despair, and shown him the way to brahma once more.
    I hear he has a whole reindeer herd named after him Siberia, as he once saved the natives -- and the herd! -- from certain doom by braving the harsh, siberian winter and trekking almost eight hundred miles to find medical help. Secretly, they tell me he did so clad only in reindeer fat.
    In other territories, he's known as the Great Fox; the mongolians call him the Proud Fox of the southern desert. But all of this means nothing, if we don't talk about his true virtues, for they are many. They say that while he is quick to anger, he is fair, and that he always applies his judgement, even when fucking liquored. He likes women, sushi, and the finer things in life; he has been known to give shiatsu massages to the willing with nary an asking price and offering, instead, a conspiratorial wink. In the West, people fear his skillz and snowboarders give him thumbs-ups, whereever he roams.
    Yes, kingfox; he deserves his own regime." - graye
  • "kingfox is A very nice guy, and is good at Jenga as well." - runstaverun
  • "kingfox is great! He can make computer configurations really well! kingfox is frequently conscientious and thoughtful!" - mrfantasy
  • "I love kingfox" - feffthekidd

Quotes about me from Orkut users:
  • "Sometimes I'm jealous of kingfox's long, blond hair. I was never jealous of his carpet patch on his chin. I'm glad it's gone--I always felt I was rug shopping on his face.
    kingfox is smart, funny, and sincere. He is a good employee. He makes me eat more sushi than I would if I didn't know him." - mrfantasy
  • "kingfox is a towering pillar of awesome, and is bombdropular in the most peculiar of ways.
    Also, he owns a blue jumpsuit with a big '13' on the back." - graye

Quotes about me from LJers:
  • "You're just the kind of person who makes this world a little worse." - utini2
  • "kingfox stands for 'Internet Grudge Robot'" - redvector
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