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Our landlord rocks

Last night Pete and I had dinner and drinks with Garron and friend. They came over our place afterwards, and wouldn't stop drooling over it and shaking our hands. Our landlord came up to see us, it was the first time I had seen him in a month.

Did he come up to collect the rent we'd been trying to pay?
Did he come up to have us sign the lease we've been trying to sign?
Did he come up to get the PSE&G bill that I swiped from him?
Did he come up to grab his mailbox key that he mistakenly gave us instead of ours?

He came up to ask us if it was ok for him to throw some parties while the neighbors between us were out of the country, and to let us know that we should throw parties over the next few weeks while said neighbors were gone. We forced him to take the rent, handed him back his key, tossed him the bill, but he kept on talking about the parties. We have an awesome landlord.

Tonight hiphopatcong, noelr, Garron, and others join us for Bob Mould while Isabel attempts to rock our world.

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