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Memorial, movies, more...

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Yeah, so I'm a whore. A dead whore, no less.

Looks like we're going to only get sprinkles from Isabel. Dammit. I was really hoping to have an exciting Lear-esque moment standing on the edge of the Hudson raising my arms against the wind and sheets of rain. windexcowboy believes that's a very kingfox thing to do.

Last we left our hero, ogun was visiting. He went out to lunch at Atlanta Bread Company with johnstevensaul and I. I know, I missed the perfect chance to kill them both. I'm waiting until they least expect it. On our way back to drewuniversity we ran into ancalimar, who works there as well now. His most recent employer was where 50 Cent was shot at. Crazy. Maybe he'll bring crazy rap drama to drewuniversity as well.

The next day was the memorial back down in Woodbridge. Unfortunately my suit wasn't ready, but I went in semi-formal under trenchcoat. We were an interesting gaggle of geeks, suits and jeans and dresses and all matter of people. Most of us had known each other for ten to twelve years, but hadn't seen each other in at least a few years.. if not seven or more. I pulled in next to Matt's car, and quickly picked out a few faces I recognized. General/Jaime was barely recognizable, she looked great. dasubergeek and njeggy were there, stepson's better half was there, all sorts of faces from my past. The girl Pete woke up next to on video, at least two guys who wanted to kick my ass the last time I saw them, an amazing turnout.

The memorial itself was touching. njeggy organized it, and did a great job of keeping it on track. People mostly told stories and reflected on Jon. Long car rides, cooking mishaps, selfless acts, funny jokes, all were shared. One comment that really struck me echoed a recent post of mine. All Jon wanted was to get everyone back together. Fuck, every board's been trying that since Cheers went down... Hot Spot, Eden East, The Imperial Fortress, Excaliber (yes, spelled that way), and his final effort all had the same goal in mind. Most for the money, many for the community. None succeeded. His passing gathered more oldschool BBSers than even the oldschool BBSes that followed Cheers did on your average week. Jon got his final wish, a sentiment often repeated.

It was a touching personal memorial. A graveyard I've driven by hundreds of times in my life, less than a mile away from the first cloverleaf traffic pattern in the world, right next to where 1 and 9 become 1&9, the center of my universe growing up. North to friends like Matt and Pete, south to friends and meets. Where all of the roads met, right by my grocery store and my Taco Bell and my pizza place... A chilly, wet day, with winds and energy. Perfect memorial weather. Everything seemed to come together... geography, people, weather, the universe.

Afterwards, we all drove off to Friday's on Route 9. A place I spent a good deal of my high school years, but hadn't been to since high school. Driving down, it was the usual Russell nostalga trip that most of my IRL friends have suffered through. There was the place I got my prom tux, now a lawyer's office. There's the BK where Schoolteacher Cheryl's grandmother liked to go. There's the ramp where I took my dad's car airborne with Heitz and Ming. There's the street to where Mistress lived. There's the Outback Scott and Patches always ate at. Yeah. While driving around I spoke to hiphopatcong and aaronkliger (not being able to get a hold of towelboy, really trying to get some sort of contact with people from my present to avoid losing myself in my past. They grounded me, and helped me remain centered.

Kitty was there at Friday's, and thought Matt was our hero, hugging him and calling him Russell at first. It was odd seeing how people had aged. Some of us looked like old people, others still looked fourteen like the last time I fooled around with them. Luckily, some of my least favorite people were ravaged by the cruel claws of time. Yes, I'm a prick. It was disturbing to see someone I always thought of as thirteen or fourteen ordering a drink. But we're no longer a group of middle school, high school, and early college kids.... we're all now 20somethings. Marriages, divorces, children, and now death. As stepson's better half said a couple of times, we've come full circle.

I, despite almost sinking into my past, was good. Matt commented a few times privately how impressed he was at me not lashing out at certain parties that made it clear how they'd like to hurt me. Well, death kind of puts all that petty shit aside. Hard to stay mad at our hero for some comment he made to a poor innocent fifteen year old who cheated on him when that girl was now twenty-two and hadn't talked to the parties who gave a damn in five years.

Oh, the gossip! Where this person was, who finally moved out of the family home at thirty, who was dating who, which gender which person was dating, the old days in new light with the perspective of the present. It was incredibly amusing to me that two parties I had been in a love triangle with were both there, married, but not to each other.

Plenty of pictures taken there, and a group shot after the meal. Most of the crowd headed to a bar, while I drove stepson's better half to her car and followed her back to their place. Talked talked talked before bed and in the morning. Went through tons of photos. Their cute new pirate one-eyed kitty kept me up for hours, the other felines were respectful. stepson fixed breakfast, and watched Chasing Amy with them. Wished the hostess a happy birthday, and went on my way.

Back home I watched Demolition Man. Got halfway into it when Pete showed up, so we started over. Hilarious movie. After that we watched The Royal Tenenbaums, an amazing movie, that Pete enjoyed.

Tuesday night, last night, we began our workout program. My abs and thighs feel it today, I love that feeling, a break from my sedentary lifestyle. After working out we watched Big Trouble in Little China, a wonderful classic.

Tonight I think Pete's having drinks with Garron, but has no cell, so I don't know how I'll find him. Tomorrow we get cable and cable modem, and then get to see the rescheduled Bob/Bobby Mould/Hill show. Yeah, Pete's convinced that's a planned connection.


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