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Doppelgangers, handout, brother, try to be joyful!

Luke was a physician and a saint, but Luke is dead
Here I am now, but soon I ain't, alone in bed
Thoughts of deep futility and promised inutility
I wonder soft and vaguely what's ahead...

An old man is a rag upon a stick
An old gal needs a friend, not just a prick
God created ecstasy but now there's no one next to me
Could life turn out to be a dirty trick?

My doppelganger! I attempt to somehow compete with shmivejournal!

Xiolette: "hey"
Xiolette: "1 - *hug* i'm sorry about your friend"
Xiolette: "2 - you have a doppleganger in CA"
Xiolette: "freaked me out today"
Kingfox: "1 Thanks 2 Really?"
Xiolette: "yes!"
Xiolette: "he freaked me out. he looks JUST like you"
Xiolette: "i had to stop myself from staring"
Xiolette: "it's bad enough i have a long hair fetish, it's worse when i think it might be someone i know and i can't stop staring in awe"
Xiolette: "at least i concealed it well enough that he didn't notice, but it freaked me out"
Xiolette: "i showed a friend of mine your LJ user pics and she confirmed i'm not on crack."
Kingfox: "Heheh, that's awesome."

So where have I been? Well, Friday was last minute XD fun, going to an amazing Cuban place with windexcowboy, incetardis, and our local guide periol. After that we had to get up quite early for handout. Handout was freakin' amazing. 450 machines in five hours. 90 machines per hour on average, and it certainly didn't work out into an evenly distrobuted average. Fuck yeah. Even a few members of last year's crew came by, most of them lending a hand. Great shit. Our students performed most amazingly, the XD scripts worked a large percentage of the time, and the day is done. Hundreds of computers have gone through windexcowboy and kingfox's eXtreme Deployment successfully. I keep my job for now. IBM was amazed, and talked about how far we could take XD. We're going global. I love handout. I love a day where we actually can look back on what we've done and smile. We don't just fix a few computers, improve something, or do something preventitive... we hand out hundreds of fucking laptops to hundreds of students and make them happy. It's an amazing day. But I didn't go and get eXtremely trashed.

After that, I got to see cessna182 (my brother, for those in the cheap seats) for the first time since the passing of our grandfather, the second time since 1997. His first trip to the NYC area since the mid 90s. The big shocks, like the WTC and Disney taking over Times Square, were interesting to talk about. So I drove out to Brooklyn, where his girlfriend's family is, and we went out for dinner. For the first time, I had meat in walnut sauce outside of the Ming. Between that and the karaoke they hold there, hiphopatcong was notified about it immediately afterwards. Amusingly, they all hate that sauce, but I was more than happy to have a good portion. Her family's a great collection of characters, fun and humorous people. She was very cool herself, and the banter between her and cessna182 was priceless at times.

Sunday was the big wedding between easydamsel and her Naked Dave. The wedding was gorgeous. A great setting, a breathtaking dress, Dave looked awesome with his top hat and suit. Jessie and Nelson in suits? Priceless. Dave doing karaoke? Dirty looks from the mother of the groom? The contrast between families? Hanging out with Jessie's crew, and them sneaking out to buy Red Bulls? Good times, good times, good times all around. The wedding was amazing. Lots of great people there, a beautiful ceremony, wow.

After that, I swung up to hiphopatcong's pad. Fell asleep a few times there, made it home.

Yesterday after Satellite Helpdesk, went out for dinner in Brooklyn again. This time at a Malaysian place. Played some Super Bust a Move beforehand and afterwards, and got my brother to see some KOTOR. My brother and his girlfriend practiced Aikido on each other in front of the restaurant for some time, it was fun spending more time with her family, and as always great to see my big brother. Between the jokes about his girlfriend's fridge to the lessons on bargains, it was a fun evening. I wondered how my brother could resist swinging out to Jersey and having White Castle and play video games instead, but then they sucked me in, and I understood completely. Go Mister @! He got some priceless DVDs that he needs to remember to scan into his journal.

I don't see my brother often, which is something we'd both like to change... it was great spending time with him. His girlfriend is quite cool, and her family's good people. Next time maybe I'll get to drag him to drewuniversity. My co-workers kept on asking every day if they would get to meet him. Maybe December. It's amazing how I can sit talking with someone who I grew up mostly apart from until three in the morning, and find overlap after overlap. From DFC to our different connections to satan_dot_com, it was awesome and creepy. Stories of masterful trolls, pranks, games, everything. His girlfriend and her family kept on asking if we wanted anything. Bah, no, just to keep on talking. I wish we didn't live so far apart.

I've been driving on the West Side Highway often... up to the Bronx, down to the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel, out to the Holland, all over.

Humanity might not be worthless as previously reported. But don't take your pants off yet.

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