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New Maiden Video - Virtual Sacrifice Log
Aici zace un om despre care nu se ştie prea mult
New Maiden Video
Here it is! Don't forget that the album comes out on the 8th!

Today was an eXtreme Handout. IBM suits, good times, good co-workers, working XD, and now I'm off to see my brother!

Feeling: exhausted exhausted
Listening to: Iron Maiden, Wildest Dreams

Chorus of 2 demons || Preach it
kujawski From: kujawski Date: August 31st, 2003 07:26 pm (UTC) (Hard link)


What is an eXtreme Handout?
Oh, by the way, I don't know if I told you, but I think moving to a new city is a big undertaking, and wanted to applaud you for it. Oh, and what did you decide about your facial hair? I'm guessing you left it alone, neh?
BTW : The squeeky wheel gets the grease, so try and find one thing to complain about today. I have found that if you can successfully complain about something so much that your complaining about it irritates someone else more than the actual problem irritates you, then the person you're complaining to might be so motivated to get you to shut up that they solve the problem for you. Then again, I'm in the Army. The rules of life are different here. I'm a 24 year old with a midnight curfew, for example. What the shit is that? I fucking hate being here in Korea.
kingfox From: kingfox Date: September 1st, 2003 07:01 am (UTC) (Hard link)


Interesting note, the equivalent statement in Japanese to ``the squeeky wheel gets the grease'' is more along the lines of ``the squeeky wheel gets replaced'' and seems to be indicative of a good deal of the differences between our two cultures.

eXtreme Handout is a normal handout, combined with eXtreme Deployment, the thing I've been referring to for the past month or two on here. drewuniversity gives every new undergrad and theo student a laptop. We end up handing out over four hundred laptops, printers, bags, etc. in one day. Four hundred computers in four hours is the statement we keep on making. We scan the serial numbers to everything, give it all to them, they bring it all to their dorms. Packs of our students walk up and down the hallways, fixing computers. Those who don't live on campus set them up right there before going. It's an amazing sight. This year was larger than last, and went off more smoothly.
Chorus of 2 demons || Preach it