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Almost fully moved into my new digs!

I work in BC3, I just moved out of C3, I now live in Apartment 3. I'm streamlining.

Saturday hiphopatcong and runstaverun were my own personal saviors, as they helped me move to Hoboken. Hoboken! Hoboken! dougsmom and hiphopatcong also provided an amazing kitchen set that has everything I will freakin' need. Pizza tray? Carrot peeler? Magnet clip? I got it. I got it all.

So the two of them were fucking saviors. hiphopatcong provided a van thanks to Bruce Hill Pet Sitting, which means that our backs were covered with dog hair. The two helped me pull out my layers of packrat crap out of the condo, haul two full van loads up to Hoboken, and deposit it in my fourth floor apartment. As runstaverun put it, ``This is the dorm room that you never had to move out of.'' Until now. So my little smaller room is packed full of boxes, and I have one car load left to yank from Rockaway before I'm really complete. Pete and I have plans. Big plans. Unfortunately, he was busy the day I moved, and I was busy the day he moved (yesterday). But I had my two saviors and he had his two brothers.

Saturday night, after the move, windexcowboy had a gathering at his place. shmivejournal spent the evening blowing us off to get hacked to pieces by a hatchet, while johnstevensaul blew off the party to play a GBA game that came out months ago. That left redvector (new member of the working class), crimson117 and girlfriend, celaeno and squeeze, daylami, runstaverun, Backseat Dynamo, Pete T, and the host windexcowboy himself. It was a quiet, low-key tight affair. We watched some Blade Runner, drank, chatted, watched some B5, and stayed up late.

In the afternoon I flipped out, realizing that I had told mrfantasy that windexcowboy and I would be there early in the morning to help him move into his new digs. Images of him standing on the street, wife giving birth in front of him, his fists in the air cursing our names flooded my paranoid head. Of course, they had plenty of friends helping them. Entertainingly, the thing that woke me up was johnstevensaul calling me freaking out that he had promised to be there in the morning and was running late. So we got there in the afternoon, and helped with unloading. He's got a great new place in a nice neighborhood.

After helping him move, I went to kikibird and runstaverun's place to watch Spy Kids and Spy Kids 2. Call me a Robert Rodriguez fanboy, but I loved them. Buscemi playing a scientist with theories for a supreme being's distant nature? Great blending of Santana, AC/DC, and Van Halen in the credits? Plenty of Trejo? All I needed. Loved them.

So yeah, I need to go get keys so I have a place to sleep. Hoboken requires license, registration, and insurance all with Hoboken addys in order to get a parking permit.. so I'm going to be doing things illegally, using Jersey City, and carpooling with periol when possible.

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