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I am a bad monkey

Our hero never updates much. Insanity has taken hold of his reality. He has not posted about Maiden in MSG, three different Game Nights (Therapy with Doug, power outage with KOTOR and brain teasers, and card games), two caniswolfie Movie Nights (Gone in Meatballs Crazy Summer), Hoboken, the outage (how many times will I see a dark NYC in my life? cessna182 saw it last time), work stuff (they shipped WHAT?), XD stuff, hanging out with Pete stuff (convicts and emo/indie chicks), my tolerance for bullshit reaching an all time low (fuck you), and the other pointless inane things in his life. He promises a return to banality once his life settles down. Hopefully that will occur sometime before October.

Before then, he must move, help mrfantasy move, help Pete move, attend two parties and one wedding, slap more perfume on the frames, train the CHOPS, help at handout, and get through the start of semester rush. Good times, droogs.

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