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NYC power outage?

Any information?

Nevermind, here we go...

UPDATE: So hiphopatcong calls me, looking for news. He's up in the Bronx, in the middle of a major outage. No traffic lights, no subway, nothing running. Cars just playing it by ear through intersections, people walking around, chaos. Little information on the web as of now. We here at Drew got hit by a brownout, but most of our devices stayed on it was so short. Crazy.

UPDATE 2: Finally Google updates. There you go, plenty of media to soak up.

UPDATE 3: shmivejournal's theory about events up north, and the RPGnet forum on it.

UPDATE 4: Graphs can be fun children!

UPDATE 5: Last update. Heard from Pete, he's ok. Test text message from hiphopatcong, he's ok. Now driving to Hoboken. If it looks bad, I'll turn around. I might just get to watch the city in the dark over the river. Good times. Take care people, be safe.

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