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What would we do baby, without us?

How sad is it that I'm using the web to address my Mother's Day cards? From ICQ to antique sales on my godmother's son to get her street number (I always forget the order of the digits). I managed to get four out of the five cards addressed when I realized I could do a WHOIS on the domain name that my second stepfather owns to get my mom's PO box number. I'm pathetic.

I need either to use an address book or get a good PDA.

Got to see the chanting monk scene from Six Feet Under for a third time tonight. Doug and I agreed that it was one of the best television moments we had seen in our young lives.

Earlier in the show, Nate has a dream about the various kids he's had aborted talking with him. I had a similar dream years ago, only the kids weren't so numerous or so cryptic. Hell, they were just there in a creepy sort of way. January of my sophomore year I was living on campus, working at a nearby store every day. It was an unusually warm and foggy January, and I ended up not seeing the sun for more than a few minutes every day over the course of a couple of weeks. My daily routine consisted of waking up and creeping to the train before the sun rose, working in a mom and pop store all day, and getting a car ride back to Drew. Besides my lunch break, I didn't really ever leave Drew or work, and spent the summer exploring online games. It was the winter where I really got into CS. Spending all night on text-based telnet sessions with only Lynx to view the web, it was a creepy winter. It was a warm winter as I mentioned, and Drew kept the dorm even warmer. I was living in a triple that two friends and a gaping-mouthed couch potato resided in throughout the rest of the year, and the heating unit sounded like a chopper flying low. Between the heat, the noises from the college road right through the window, and the chopper sounds... I was ready to have 'Nam flashbacks.

In the time period before the fencers sharing the triple with me (a former roomie and his roomie at the time, who now live together and visit Drew often), it was quite surreal. I had bizarre twisted dreams almost every night, if not multiple times a night. The phantom menace of unborn children came to me one night.... A couple morning after pills, no actual abortions.

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