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One more contest

Produce $60, convince me that Pete and hiphopatcong won't mind having you around for four hours, prove you can get to MSG in NYC by 6:30, and you too can see Maiden tomorrow. I know I've offered this to a few of y'all before, and gotten rebuffed, but I'm serious. towelboy switched to Saturday, I'm not meeting the woman of my dreams (i.e. an Iron Maiden fan) before now and tomorrow night... and if she was the woman of my dreams, she'd have a ticket already. So if anyone would like to join us.... let me know ASAP.

Today my new Maiden DVD arrived with the new Fugs. hiphopatcong's right, it really kicks ass. Yay. And make sure to read Nicko's review of the show I was at Friday right here. Like I said in my entry, they really praised Jersey much more than Long Island. Still, maybe he should have waited until Sunday to write that diary entry so he wouldn't have run late to the show that night and hit some guy who wouldn't let him in.

UPDATE: Never mind. Despite the painful experience he and incetardis threw me into, redvector will be going and paying me back the $60 when he gets a job. I expect payment sometime in 2005.

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