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KOTOR! KOTOR! KOTOR! It has swallowed my soul! All that matters to me is it, eXtreme Deployment, and the upcoming Maiden shows. Nothing else exists in my world right now. KOTOR dominates all with a Jedi mind trick. I've been making dorky blaster and lightsaber noises all day. johnstevensaul takes this as a sign of me needing another girlfriend.

Like, seriously, I'm not a Star Wars fanboy. Honestly. Unlike many other things, I'm not totally obsessed with it or Star Trek, though I love them both. I've only read a handful of novels, and they were all borrowed or given to me for free. I've watched the appropriate movies/TV shows, but I haven't taught my son Klingon, I haven't danced with a lightsaber. But this game brings me to my knees. D20 system, Bioware engine, Xbox only until October/November (for Xbox snobbery factor), great plot, great setup, amazing graphics, and details galore. Anyone who likes RPGs and/or Star Wars needs to get a freakin Xbox and play this already.

As ogun discussed with me the last time around, I'm having problems playing Dark Side. I'm going to run through as soldier->guardian->falling to the Sith. I've been having problems with that last step. But screw that, back to praising the game. It is so good. You wander around with two random party members, they have tons of dialog for chatting with each other. It's really fun walking around with a Mandelorian and a Republic soldier, the first chat between the two is priceless. Pardon my paraphrasing from memory here:

``That's the difference between you and I. I'm a soldier. I fight to defend the freedom and safety of the Republic and its citizens.''
``That's what you tell yourself to sleep at night. Your kind is pathetic. We Mandelorians fight for the glory of the battle, the thrill of the fight. Win or lose. Even though we lost to your army, we got the honor and glory that we sought.''
``That's what YOU tell yourself to sleep at night.''

In other news, I'm reaching the end of my self-imposed July 30th deadline. Fuxx0rz. So... anyone out there in Jersey like Maiden? Eh?

And just to totally dork this post out, happy birthday Vash and Knives!

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