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Something other than Joe, yo!

The R40 is looking nice. Big Blue has some nice little differences in how it handles driver upgrades and the like that make others seem outdated. No downloading things that get run with DOS boxes, no way. Instead, download, auto-extract to the preferred directory, then one utility handles the smooth installation of as many as possible. It only barfed on WinDVD, and even then provided a button to let me pick up the pieces. Yeah, not that complicated. Yeah, technology that's not innovative or new. But things have been smoother on the whole than last year. I realize a good deal of that is me not being the man I was a year ago, but it's not just that.

I'm still pumped as hell about seeing The Fugs tomorrow. Last night and most of the day, I had their first two albums on shuffling repeat. Right now the farmer rambling about the river of shit is going on in the background.

Well you know, I'm just, I'm just an old farm boy. Never had much of an education, but I do, I do know a couple of things mister prez. Number one, you can't fry that rice before you get it out of the field. And I've never seen any farmer use a B-52 for a harvester. And lookie here, I might be asking a little much, but I got four sons over there in Asia, who don't want to be there, and I don't want 'em there, they got to come home, I tell ya, and help me harvest the crops. My old lady is stole up, I got nine hundred acres of hemp, and eight hundred acres of poppies for V-A Day. Why don't ya send 'em on home, what about it?
If more people would like to join us, you're welcome to. This is like seeing Santana in Mexico, Fear Factory in LA, or Wesley Willis in Chicago. The Fugs, in the Village. Much like Gabriel, this might be their last tour. They're even older than he.

Saturday I went to the Pace with runstaverun, kikibird, and hiphopatcong. After ditching daylami last time, she missed us this time. We're going to have to alternate horse events from now on. It was lots of fun, and a totally Jersey day. The Nerds playing, Springsteen shirts everywhere, mobsters with cigars, it was a cosmic day of Jersey. After seeing over a half-dozen races, we went to the Tic Toc. That's where the whole debate began. After that I blew off carrisse and Kid Kameleon, passing out on the futon after hiphopatcong spread some wisdom and passed out on the floor. As he mentioned, he cut out before we woke up.

Sunday I woke up, hung out with kikibird for a while, and decided to be productive after she stopped playing Snood. Said goodbye, and drove off. But I didn't just drive home... Instead I got the itch to drive around for fun, something I couldn't do recently. I got the itch to see some nature, something I'll be missing soon in Hoboken. So I took the scenic drive passing my place, making the turn futurephase and I made for so long, but not stopping where he or I stopped. I drove up north until the ``Freeway End[ed]'', as the signs warned. Huge expansive views of beautiful hills covered completely with trees, farms, berry picking places, ski areas, all the good redneck sheep-lovin of Sussex county. It's hard to believe that NYC is so close to such a backwater place, but part of me is going to miss the proximity to nature. So I soaked it up, enjoying the perfect weather, the wind whipping through my car as I looked out over the lush valleys. Gorgeous. After I got home, I did some laundry after Banzai.

Speaking of which, Banzai is fucking hilarious. Mr. Shake Hands Man and Lady One Question were funny, yet another piece of brilliant comedy from the Brits. A noble culture who wouldn't bastardize a sandwich like the Sloppy Joe.

Monday night, as mentioned, saw Pirates again. This time kikibird, runstaverun, and I were joined by periol, windexcowboy, and caniswolfie. The movie was just as hilarious and great the second time. Watching it carefully, I found that it supported some of my theories to explain the perceived plot holes my compatriots tried to drive through last time, and they stayed consistent. And yes, I confirmed that Captain Jack does say my line (no worries) at one point. Though, reading online, we fucking should have stayed after the credits. Dammit! Why doesn't anyone tell me these things?

Before the movie I had a sloppy joe from Quick Chek, and half of caniswolfie's sub. Thus, he is spared. The rest of you who knew are still dead. After the movie we started the debate, which still rages on, which spurred further debates like the meme thing.

And that brings us up to the present. Party on, dudes!

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