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I know that both sloppy joes are real. I know that the manwich-y thing is the popular sloppy joe dating back to the depression. Hell, blackbytes knows of the Essex County deli where they first started making the sloppy joe that hiphopatcong believes in, which originally contained tongue. I know full well that the ground beef and red sauce sloppy joe is more recognized as the true, but read this, towards the bottom. There's evidence for either one being the original. Truth is, it never mattered to me.

I just wanted to do the following:

  1. Fuck with people, in honor of ``Provoke the Listener'', which everyone should listen to.
  2. See how far hiphopatcong was going to run with this insanity.
  3. Claim something crazy in honor of g_knox's fake death.

So, thanks for the fun! You people rock. The fact that periol bought me cans of sloppy joe sauce this morning was great. People posting about it cracked me up. The reception when I arrived to work an hour and a half hour ago was priceless. Hell, I'm even sort of mocking myself, and my fanatical devotion to silly random things like Pokemon, central Jersey, and Happatai. So thanks for the good natured ribbing, and playing along, good times.

UPDATE: Did you really expect anything else from the man who worships Skaggs, the /. troll community, real life trolls, baiting, Zug (back when they were good), and classic Usenet trolls?


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