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Sloppy Joe, Sloppy Sloppy Joe!

Quick Chek sells a sloppy joe sub, that consists of turkey with coleslaw and russian dressing. C&Js in Madison sells a sloppy joe sandwich which consists of turkey, roast beef, or ham on rye with coleslaw and russian dressing. Delis throughout the area sell the same thing, as do diners. This is an old concoction, brought over from the old country, originally a ``Sloppy Giovanni'' or the like.

Adam Sandler songs, crappy school vomitoriums, and supermarkets of the commoners sell some manwich-like substance that they label as a ``sloppy joe''. Americans bastardized this naming convention, twisting it and warping it in their greedy ways, stamping out other cultures or beliefs, leaving the poor excuse for a sloppy joe that kids get today in school. A disgusting mess of a sandwich.

Poll #156801 Sloppy joe, sloppy sloppy joe!

What is a Sloppy Joe in your mind? A true Sloppy Joe? Pick one or the other!

A sandwich, usually on rye bread, usually tripple decker, containing: ham, roast beef, and/or turkey, coleslaw, and russian dressing
Some sort of stupid manwich-y thing with tomato and/or chili sauce on a roll with chopped up beef

UPDATE: Check this out! Hell yeah!

FINAL UPDATE: Almost 100 posts, over 60 votes, rock on. Read this, and thanks for the good times!

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