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The past week, T3, Trick, Pirates, good stuff, and my brother!

Sweet mother of hell I just spent a while writing up a summary of the last week, only to lose it. Luckily, I have off tomorrow, so you get subjected to it anyway despite me not following my own mantra of writing things up in notepad first. Damn Mozilla-less machine. Damn IE. Damn it to hell.

Last we left off, I promised a T3 recap. windexcowboy, redvector (in from Brooklyn), caniswolfie, runstaverun, kikibird, and I saw it together at our usual theater. As has become tradition, we had Quiznos first. As kikibird was late, we ended up driving out to get the subs and driving back to eat them outside the theater right before the show. Also following tradition, one of the Fandango terminals was broken, so we fixed it as usual.

I'll stay spoiler-free. I wrote up a really nice spoilerless review, and lost it due to my own browser stupidity. Short version? It was good. It wasn't groundbreaking like the first. It wasn't mindblowingly amazing like the second. But it was seriously worth seeing if you're a fan of the series. The first cuts your hand off like Cock-Knocker. The second throws your organs to the floor and proclaims itself the Queen of France while waving its arms in a dance. The third shakes up your organs, tests them for internal bleeding like they did to stepson after his near-fatal car accident years ago, and shoves them back in. It stitches you up, and slaps you on the ass as you walk out the door. They FIX THE TIMELINE! Well, fix depending on your definition of fix and your ideas of timetravel. If you believe in a rigid timeline, there's enough paradoxes to ruin things for you by the end of the second movie. But things are set back into place in a big way. Sure, there's a particle accelerator that doesn't do everything it should have done that irked redvector. Sure, there's a couple of things that he thinks Cameron wouldn't have been so sloppy with. But if you enjoy the series, don't miss it. You won't walk out of the theater blown away, but you will walk out with a smile. Nothing terribly new, but a satisfying morsel. It doesn't destory the series like some other sequels have.

So Movie Night was delayed due to ogun leaving a day later. And Game Night was cancelled due to New Englanders making plans. So johnstevensaul had ogun and I over for Movie Night on Thursday instead. While we were waiting for ogun to make it to drewuniversity, we ate at Soho 33, a place we've never tried despite lunching in downtown Madison quite often. Great food, including a pasta sauce we both swore mrfantasy would love despite the yuppie nature of the place.

ogun met up with us, and got a quick tour of the acadtech enclave before we went to johnstevensaul's for cinema. We saw Trick, a movie both have been encouraging me to see for some time. It was great, with some funny moments, and gave me a new understanding with a inside joke between caniswolfie and johnstevensaul. Creepy gay guy was priceless.

We chatted for a while after the movie, and then ogun introduced us to Netrunner. Yeah, I know, kingfox who is crazy about cyberpunk. After a few years of playing Magic, I think I had the antibodies to resist getting into any CCG. I mean, I'm obsessed with Pokemon yet have resisted buying any of those cards! Having played, I can understand why ogun couldn't stop talking about them.

Meanwhile, easydamsel and hiphopatcong were at an amazing karaoke with Jim and Steam. Too many things planned for one evening.

The next day, having off, I joined the two for an interesting pancake brunch. I've never seen two guys turn so red and try to hide so quickly due to one line from a waiter.

Did nothing all weekend. Seriously. Mostly for reasons I have hinted at. Played video games. Talked to people. Did nothing. Nothing nothing nothing. Like The Fugs song.

Monday I drove around before work. This week we had plenty to get done, blackbytes was out, and I found myself running into RapidDeploy issues that needed to get resolved ASAP. They still aren't, despite a hotfix that was supposed to. With the current version, we can't image a computer from non-writable media. I can image from a network drive, a local hard drive, whatever. I can image off one piece of writable media. But our older machines don't have DVD drives for DVD-Rs, and their images take up more than one CD-R. So I'm having to make periol image the laptops for Gov School off my temporary Altiris server. Hopefully they'll have it fixed soon. Though I've found at least two issues with two of my updated configs that were done only a couple of weeks ago. I'm getting sloppy. I'm going to be a sleepless anal bastard with the ThinkPad config.

windexcowboy's proceeding with his wonderful plans for the next generation of deployment. Clever and exciting stuff. Got to chat with our new best friends, and read up on the possibilities of what we can do without a Windows key. Plenty of cleaning, some reorganization, and all of our old crap got taken out.

Last night, instead of Movie Night, it was fun with the network night. Go see pictures that windexcowboy took there, hopefully he'll put up the rest and the video soon.

angryjonny is right. jwz is right. madame_x is right. thebitingfaery is right and has the journal (not to mention the past months of pictures) to prove it. Mark your calendars - noelr is right. Pirates was amazing. Entertaining, most adult rating an ``official Disney'' movie has gotten, downright hilarious at times, witty, decent action, can't complain about it at all. Well, maybe a minor plot error that I managed to talk the movie out of in the car ride back with kikibird and runstaverun. That's right, we skipped Game Night to eat at Applebees (kikibird and I had tropical drinks) and see the movie. I joked that we could play Tropico 2 and the Xbox game when we got back, but instead we talked. After playing both of those games way too often (particularly this past weekend for the latter), I was in a pirate mood indeed. Regardless, I intend on seeing the movie once or twice more. Arrrr! Since I have tomorrow off, I'm probably going to go home and play the two games.

Saturday I've got carrisse's party, Meadowlands Pace with hiphopatcong, and Kid Kameleon's last show before he leaves for Europe, too many things!

But before I leave you, there's a few pieces of good news.

  1. Frank hates YOU! merchandise is shipping. If you got in on it, the stuff is in motion.
  2. Wednesday I cancel out on Movie Night to see The Fugs in the Village with hiphopatcong. For those that didn't know us freshman year of drewuniversity, The Fugs were my Happatai/Mahir/AYBABTU style obsession. Pete, hiphopatcong, and I played them on our radio shows all the time. A year or two ago towelboy borrowed my Fugs CDs and had to replace them, they were that good. And now we get to see them live, in their native environ. Ask melim000 or periol, I was dancing for joy when I heard the good news. This summer I see Santana, Fugs, and Maiden. Good times.
  3. My brother has gotten a journal. Don't be too hard on him, you can find him at cessna182.
  4. My old BBS friend stepson and his girlfriend's good friend is a regular on my brother's message board. So graye gets to get freaked out again.

And now, girls jumping on trampolines. Good night teenagers. See you in twenty-three hours, peace, and think number one.

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