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Another contest for free paid LJness

Remember this contest from almost a year ago? Our hero is going to offer six months of special powers. That's right, the same price as when I paid to have hiphopatcong renamed to hiphopatcong. Why? Because I feel like it. I like pushing the disease.

Monday of this week, I found myself driving through the same area as a hellish experience I had last December before windexcowboy's party. For reasons I won't go into, I had to drive through this area on an urgent business matter, and was feeling quite paranoid for a number of reasons. So imagine my nervousness when I notice it's that area. I even had to go down the road past where my tire blew out, and saw the u-turns I made many times that night. So after driving down south into the town that meant ``kingfox, thou has gone too far!'' that december, I found myself passing something that made me QUITE ANGRY.

After that, things looked up. I found out that the road I was on was actually a road that chiquib and I took one night years ago when we saw American Beauty in theater. I remember being amazed at the offerings of the lane, and expressed a desire to return there. We never did, and years later, I found out that the road of my torment was the same road just a couple of miles further south. The way those two events tied together was not lost on this explorer of time and space. So I found my destination, and made my business dealings. The man I was meeting managed to both inquire as to whether or not I was still ``banging'' chiquib and insinuate that one of Hoffa's body parts was in a bag of his within the first ten minutes.

So after that, I called caniswolfie to give him a status update, and walked back to my car after enjoying the neighborhood and flipping the bird at the thing that really pissed me off. After that I needed to prove that history wouldn't repeat itself, and found Teriyaki Boy all by myself like a big boy. Grabbed some sushi, and headed up to work.

So, here's the contest. Can you figure out what really pissed me off? This isn't impossible for people outside of north_jersey or newjersey in general. I know quite a few cybersphere peeps would be able to pick up on it. You should be able to find out what I'm talking about online or in person if you're really bored, and be able to provide a link to prove that it exists and that you didn't just hazard a guess.

So, the first person to reply to this post with a link to something regarding the thing that REALLY pissed me off, gets a free six months of membership to paidmembers. So good luck.

I'll post about the past week tomorrow. I'll get back to all those waiting to hear back from me tomorrow. Last night I couldn't because I was busy re-reading Heart of Darkness while listening to Rock in Rio on repeat. And tonight? Well, I'm With Busey. Plus I'm finalizing my interview answers. And I'm disturbed that I understand Busey more than I understand Adam.

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