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Super fun hiphopatcong weekend part one

hiphopatcong's brother was getting married. All of us, regular visitors to chrispalermo.com, remember the day the website changed to reflect the major lifestyle change in progress. We remember the dark day when a DJ other than Alan was announced. We remember the updates.. and the day it changed to its current state, merely the date and the picture, a simple minimalistic reminder of the coming momentous day. I talked with them this past Easter, and was quite excited for them. When I first met him long long ago, his brother totally won me over. When hiphopatcong told me that the wedding was open to the public, I begged blackbytes to let me go. When I found out that I could get Linda Montibello's seat at the reception, I was quite happy.

So I brought a nice shirt to Game Night, and left work after posting said message. Drove up to the church, borrowed hiphopatcong's camera to take shots, and got to see Sticky arrive, sitting with a bunch of younguns. The wedding was a beautiful service, and the three brothers looked stylin' in their tuxedos. Jen was a radiant bride, and it was cool meeting the family of legend, the living members of the legacy. A good mass, and I received mass. hiphopatcong had been debating in his head whether or not he should receive for a while, and decided against it. When he saw me receiving, he shot me a look that smacked me so hard my clone felt it (hi ogun). Well, good thing I received, because the lay minister hit on me for most of the evening.

It was a rainy day, which means a fertile marriage, but it also means a hurried rush to the reception instead of standing outside posing for shots next to the gorgeous classic car the couple had waiting for them. I was supposed to follow hiphopatcong's grandparents to the reception, but couldn't find them after I got off the receiving line. So I followed online directions and meat-side signage there. The reception was at this beautiful place in Andover, and they had the largest room in the place. hiphopatcong and I got drinks, had some snacks, and hiphopatcong kept on introducing me to various people. Got to talk about FPSes with the youngest of the bride's brothers, and listened to his godfather talk with Sticky about the track. The snacks were excellent, including an absolutely mindblowing fresh salmon at a carving station. Chatted with both sets of hiphopatcong's parents, talking with his paternal side about Rockaway and his maternal side about our circle of friends. Talked with his stepmother about computers, talked with his stepfather about his dogs.

At some point, Sticky and I bonded. I talked with him on the phone a few times, hung out with him for brief moments here and there while he had plans with hiphopatcong. We've never really been alone together (that sounds dirty), every time I see him at his work it's just in passing. So we stood there off to the side (at first I thought he was going to be too busy hanging out with the people he sat with/came with), chatting about life. We discussed dying relationships, interpersonal communications in general, and living situations. He opened up to me about a variety of feelings, problems, and thoughts. It was awesome, communicating with someone who has existed on the edge of my universe for so long... a major player in a major player's life. I picked up on his desire to hang out with hiphopatcong, and expressed a few things that made it seem that he felt left out and really missed hiphopatcong.

So at the reception, I got to sit at his mother's side's table. I sat between his hilarious grandfather and his godmother full of stories. The first dance, in true Palermo fashion, was Journey's ``With Your Love'', their song. In fact, every table had a number of CDs at them, with pink roses for the cover and a picture of the happy couple on the CD itself. The CD contained a number of their songs, from ``I'll Be There For You'' by Bon Jovi to ``Lovers Of Loving Love'' by The Aquabats.

Random moments from the reception... Sticky came and sat next to me every time a godparent/grandparent was off, which was cool. Sticky's brother's girlfriend was gorgeous. hiphopatcong introduced me to Boris, a classmate of his with cerebral palsy. The guy was a genius, with some interesting theories regarding neural nets and AI in general. hiphopatcong introduced me to a Hoboken dweller, who chatted with me about the ups and downs of living in the town. hiphopatcong's aunt the lay minister sat at my table, and kept on grabbing my hair, kissing it over and over. She dragged me out on the dance floor twice. So there's some video of me dancing with her and hiphopatcong's mother out there. The song, ``He's Not Heavy, He's My Brother'' was played by request, and the groom danced with his brothers and brothers-in-law. It was an awesome, touching moment. At the end of the night, his grandfather asked me to keep an eye on ``those brothers.'' hiphopatcong explained how he was going to do his speech from the heart, while his brother Mike had a written prepared speech.

His speech was insane. He rambled on, hitting a number of topics, trying to tie it back in over and over. He brought up the Nets, kingfox, how his brother deals with cashiers, the number of hot women he gets pressed against on the six train, the childhood nations his brother built with their own currency, and how the two used to lie in bed chatting late at night. He went on and on, hitting a number of things, and it was great standing next to his grandparents during the toast. ``Doesn't he know we're double parked?'' ``Ooooh, how sweet of him!'' After his speech, the DJ said, ``That's it everyone, thanks, good night!''

The eldest brother's speech was so him. It was printed out, prepared, and read off from by the book. While it included friendly good natured ribbing, and an offer for any of the single ladies there that night to join him in his hotel room for his attempt to beat his brother in the race for grandchildren, it was strictly according to his script. A good speech, but hiphopatcong was a tough act to follow. Soon after that, hiphopatcong wandered outside to smoke.

The bouquet was caught by the member of the bridal party hiphopatcong walked with, and the first time the garter was thrown it landed right at my feet. I ignored it, letting someone pick it up and hand it back to Chris. He threw it again, and it went directly into my hand. Guess that was a clear message. So I got to feel up one of the bride's friends, getting the garter up past her knee at the DJ's encouragement. She seemed terrified. Two or three of the last three weddings I've been at (I know I caught at my cousin Rachel's wedding), I've caught the garter. Now all I need is the bride.

hiphopatcong's mother was worried about not seeing him for a while, so I went out to find him and bring him back from smoking with the bad kids. I chatted with his father about the new White Castle coming to Roxbury, and told him how excited I was that I found one close to 78 on the way to drewuniversity from Hoboken.

One of the people there was a student that hiphopatcong taught while he was a sub in his hometown. She asked Sticky to join her on the dance floor, who turned her down twice, and she was quite hot. It was awesome to watch her dance with her former teacher. And the last song was Last Dance, reminding me of Frank Forte.

All through the night, the groom, the bride, all three sets of parents, and other random people kept on thanking me for coming. Fuck, I know it's tradition, but I kept on insisting that I should be the one thanking them. It was a beautiful service, and awesome reception, and a great evening in general. A hella good time.

hiphopatcong's mother offered for me to crash at her place, but I didn't have clothing, so I went home. The next day I'll write up tonight and post tomorrow... And yes, I have all of the interviews answered except one question from khephra that's killing me.

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