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Weekend Update

As I said, I went down to the land of towelboy this past weekend.

So I drove down from work after the USA/FRM picnic I mentioned. So I was already dressed in a tacky black Hawaiian shirt, leid, and ready for a good time.

So I went home to get supplies, and made my way to Vineland. He and his friend John were hanging out, and we watched The Animatrix and Rejected before finally leaving for America's Playground. Hit a Wawa for smokes and Red Bull, and made it to the city. Mind you, I hadn't been there since once or twice as a kid, so this was all new to me. My college friends went down there a few times during the 1999-2000 school year, but I was specifically told not to attend, due to financial reasons. I'm a huge sucker for tacky overwhelming glittering decay. So I soaked it up like a toddler in a bright garden. Good times.

We hit The Irish Pub (nice generic name) first, and had a couple of rounds. A nice little place off the beaten path. Then my guides led us off to Carolina Cuties, which isn't really my angle. I've only been to strip clubs before then to pick people up/drop them off, never to sit for a while. *Shrug* I got my usual Meat Loaf comparison from some stripper touching my hair and trying to talk me up, which just set me off. Once more, I'm compared to Meat Loaf, and I'm supposed to take it as a compliment. So, it not being my scene, I head out to get some fresh air and soak up the atmosphere. Well, and they brought an attractive young woman out who was magically making singles teleport from my wallet to the stage. I took that as a sign to get out, fast. So I stood outside for a while, calling people on my cell, enjoying the feel of the city in the fog. John ran out, explained that they had something planned for the rest of the evening which I didn't want to join them on, so we exchanged information and headed out for the evening.

Their night? I'll let others recap it and tell it in their own words. Let's just say that I was walking down Saint James Place on Friday the 13th in Atlantic City under the full moon while a black cat crossed my path. I followed it for a bit, noticing the similarities between my activity and what my friends were doing at that moment.

So I took off for the boardwalk, the largest in the world. Good times. Under the Taj Mahal's massive opulent arch, a stand sold ``FREEDOM FRIES'' proudly. I saw a closed Dunkin Donuts, surrounded by everything else in the area being open. At the end of Boston Avenue, there was a little touristy piece to pose near about the Boston Tea Party. A whole pack of cats were climbing around on it, and I wished I had my camera to take a picture for kikibird. I sat for a bit, and watched them explore and play.

It was amusing to see the little salt water taffy and fudge places my stepmother would buy me goodies from while down there with her church, now knowing what she was surrounded by at the time. And, of course, I gambled. I took a twenty out of my pocket, designated it gamblin' money, as I didn't have money to blow. If I walked out of a casino with more than the twenty (once forty), I put the extra in another pocket and forgot about it. If I walked out with less than the twenty, I left it at the lower amount. By the end of the evening, I was up a few bucks, which is a success according to most I've talked to.

And, of course, kingfox felt like he was in heaven. Hedonistic atmosphere, massive grandiose displays of wealth trying to lure tourists in, self-aggrandizing monuments, it was wonderful. I saw some European tourists trying to break into a pool, and talked with them for a bit.

A few times, I wandered to the end of a pier, standing out surrounded by the inky black Atlantic, fog blocking my sight. Behind me the thick fog was lit up by the bright continuous daytime of the casinos, glowing and vibrating. I felt like I was at the edge of reality, looking into the beyond of the void. And as Shinmen Musashi No Kami Fujiwara No Genshin so beautifully said in that book, the void isn't that which we cannot comprehend. I felt like I was Billy in one of my favorite DFC works. Billy was eating a cookie, talking to an open door. But the door wasn't really drawn like an open door, it was drawn like Billy had found a portal into absolute nothingness. I felt like Billy at that moment. There was the cacophany of modern civilization's vibrant playground at my back, glowing and pulsating, doing everything in its power to get my attention... while the void beckoned before me. A magical moment.

I got a phone call asking me to report at a location ASAP after I bought a Slurpee, so I joined my group and spent the night sleeping or meditating. And the morning. And the early afternoon. That, like I said, I'll leave for them to cover.

The next day towelboy wanted to thank me, so he took me to grab sushi from a place near his school. While waiting for them to finish it, I got to see the grounds of the school, which were rather nice. I got to see his sushi dealers, and watch him chat with them for a bit. The Millville roll consists of salmon and cooked white fish. mrfantasy suspects a white trash reference is there.

So we watched movies, like The Animatrix again, Adaptation (which was so fucking good go see it now turn off the computer and go rent it now fuck see it now), and Blade Runner. I fell asleep to the latter, after spending the first half burying towelboy in trivia about it. Got to cuddle with Poofcat, chat with kikibird and aaronkliger online, and chat with hiphopatcong and noelr on the phone.

Woke up early, said my goodbyes, wished towelboy's dad a happy Father's Day, and raced up to Belleville. kikibird, runstaverun, and I took a series of quick showers, and made our way to the New Jersey Renaissance Kingdom to see maidoftheshore. I had gone to said faire the first few years it was around, and knew people who worked there, but then got out of that scene. maidoftheshore had been begging me to see her perform for almost a decade, and I finally got dragged into it.

The wench show she was in was hilarious, and we got to meet her new boyfriend during the Beauty and the Beast production. You can guess which role is filled by which. It was amusing that the first time we met him, he wore a fur mask and growled about rhyming, carrying a sword. I insisted that kikibird and runstaverun keep me away from buying any blades or leather, two big weaknesses of mine, and they did just fine with that responsibility.

kikibird had some fries and a pasta salad, runstaverun had a turkey leg (normally he asks others if THEY ordered the turkey leg), and I had a BBQ beef sandwich. I spied a female wearing an Iron Maiden shirt, something which immediately raised a blip on my radar. Then I noticed her age, and her parents. I mentioned this to my friends, who were joking that I should hit on her anyway. Sure enough, she and her parents sat down next to us. When she complained about having homework to do, I had to get up to get dessert to laugh it off. Of course, the Italian ice was provided by a place in Iselin I knew all too well.

We took part in an astrology festival hosted by some astrologer. It was amusing, watching her try to work in jibes against every zodiac sign not represented. kikibird commented how she hates that she usually fits into descriptions of her good citizen sign. I got reminded of all the Aries that I've dated over the years (hi chiquib). runstaverun and I stood next to each other, our titles even reading ``student'' and ``master/boss''. Rather fitting. And it was pointed out that his sign is an archer, much like him in Gauntlet.

kikibird bought a flogger, and whipped me with it as we walked towards the exit. We had to stop on the way out, as there was a massive circle of people surrounding three gorgeous belly dancers from the henna stall. For the first time in my life, and I've been trying to reach this point for a while, I was able to watch belly dancers and not be reminded of the years that my mother practiced the art. Mmmmm. kikibird needed to flog me to get me to the gate after that.

On the way back, we passed Pat's Unisex in Montclair. That totally cracked me up. I misread it as a statement instead of a possessive, which fits with the SNL character perfectly.

Monday I checked out an apartment with Pete in Hoboken. I got stuck in construction and lost on the way there, needing chiquib to guide me out to Hoboken after ending up in North Bergen. So Pete had sat in the management company's office for fifteen minutes, and outside with the landlord for almost a half-hour, waiting for me. Dammit. So after all that, we get up to the top floor, all ready to check the place out.

Landlord pounds on door. No answer. Landlord tries this again a number of times. No answer. Landlord starts unlocking door, door is chained. ``Hello?'' "Hello?" ``I have people here to see the place, I called you about this.'' "Today?" ``Yesterday.'' "I didn't get any voicemail about it." ``They're waiting out here, can we take a look?'' "Can they come back?" *Quick conference about us and our need to return to work shoots this down* ``No.'' "Well, my things are everywhere, I'm still packing." ``That doesn't matter, they just want to see the place.'' "Well, I need some personal time right now."

So we return to see it on Wednesday.

That night I went up to aaronkliger's place, to see Throne of Blood with the host and noelr, and I mentioned. Read noelr's review here. Good times. aaronkliger also gave me a leather jacket, saying that it would give me a Tony look. The movie was great, with some nice interpretations and changes to the original story. I had a Red Bull and vodka, we shared a pizza, I got to see his mother, and we played some fighting games.

And, of course, the quest to compare groupings to similar lists continued. Doug is Cliff, noelr is Frasier (and thus continues after we vanish), his ex was Lilith, towelboy is Woody, kingfox is Sam Malone, and aaronkliger is coach.

We watched Jimmy Kimmel Live together, which had some hilarious Adam moments. periol's favorite kid was a guest, which was hilarious. And, more importantly, Gary Busey was a guest, obviously promoting I'm With Busey. He ate chips covered in blood, molested the kid, and was insane. I can't wait for the show tonight. I'm sure caniswolfie remembers when I had this or this as my wallpaper. God, just read some of his wisdom.

  • MR: Do you have any last words for the readers of Metal Rules!?
  • GB: Yeah, the readers of Metal Rules!: please do one thing for yourself, that's have an open mind. Have a mind that's open to everything, get attached to nothing, that way you'll be free to digest the information in the magazine. They give you the point of view they're giving to you from their hearts. This is Gary Busey signing off.
  • MR: Have you ... are you on the Internet?
  • GB: Did you hear what I just said?
  • MR: What's that?
  • GB: Did you hear what I just said?
  • MR: You said you were signing off does that mean you are going? (starts laughing)
  • GB: Huh?
  • MR: You said you were just signing off.
  • GB: No, did you hear what I just said about telling the readers of Metal Rules!?
  • MR: Yeah.
  • GB: Did you hear that?
  • MR: Yeah, I taped it.
  • GB: That didn't come from me.
  • MR: Who said it? (Confused giggling)
  • GB: That came through me.
  • MR: Oh, okay. (Laughing nervously)
  • GB: It was something that was delivered to me to say to you because that is not the way I talk.
  • MR: Then who just said it then?
  • GB: Uh-huh.
  • MR: Who delivered that to you?
  • GB: Another force in nature.
  • MR: You don't know who it is?
  • GB: Probably an angel.

Santana ain't got shit on him! noelr was deeply disturbed, and should have shouted KINGFOX! over and over.

Today stupid purchases arrived. Like my other copy of Animatrix, new Fear Factory remix/b-sides/rarities CD, and new Anthrax. The best part of the latter is the insert under the CD, where they're standing on stage wearing white shirts with black lettering. ``WE'RE'' ``NOT'' ``CHANGING'' ``OUR'' ``NAME''

Oh yeah, and the amazing Fruit Fucker 2000 tee-shirt.

So tonight I enjoy the mind of Busey, and put off doing laundry until tomorrow night. I hope you all listened to shmivejournal's radio show.

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