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Movie Night, Game Night, tea and oranges that come all the way from China!

As I said, Tuesday was Brendan Fraser movie night. We watched Gods and Monsters first, and got to see someone from the island. Good movie, as kikibird said, he sure knows how to play an asshole. Some cute lines, an interesting character study, and a decent history of a man. Not too bad.

After that we watched Bedazzled, so we probably got to see two of his finest movies in one night. He got to play Tropico for real, it still was gay movie night for both movies, and laughs were had. I've seen the movie before, and had a couple of exes complain that the sensitive male scene reminded them of all they hate about me. Their loss, right? Let's not forget that was one of the first Nuon DVDs released.

Last night was Game Night at kikibird and runstaverun's. As usual, it was play games with Leek until kikibird comes home night, followed by us trying to find out if we've been blown off again, getting food, and playing games. We played Mille Bornes again, and I roxx0r3d. Unlike last time, the scores were kingfox 5675, runstaverun 3000, and kikibird 2775. I got to pull some nice coup de fuckie doos, and win the race a couple of times. After that, they went to bed, and I asked people questions.

Today I had the day off, but it was the US/A-FRM Annual Staff Picnic, which I certainly couldn't miss. runstaverun give me a ride to Century 21 in Morristown, where I found a couple of very kingfox-ish Hawaiian shirts. Like mostly black, with appropriate kingfoxisms. I considered making it my new angle. So I came in, napped, read stuff, and went to the picnic. It was indoors, which sucked, but I got to dance around with a bunch of fellow drewuniversity employees in Hawaiian shirts while we were judged. And I got leid.

Now I'm off to home to grab more clothing, and then off to towelboy's. We'll probably be hitting AC. Wearing a tacky Hawaiian shirt and a plastic Lei, I'm dressed trashily enough for the town. All I need is this shirt and I'm golden.

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