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This has been a good week so far...

Tuesday night aaronkliger came to have dinner with me. As most of you know, he's leaving shortly, so he wanted to have an evening with me before he left. When he showed up, I was still chatting with track44, and he presented me with an awesome gift. A bottle of ``100% Fox Urine''. Maybe a dab on each side of my neck, to find the right girl?

We went to a local Italian place, where fmrflyboy and aaronkliger's former flame worked. He brought a bottle of wine, so we ate and chatted until the antisemitic owner showed up to count his money. Afterwards, we drove to drewuniversity, where we sat in the parking lot and chatted for hours. Finally, he had to get going. We discussed the future, travel, geography, friends, relationships, expectations, communication, honesty, events, the people who make life good, the people who we wish could get along, and more. It was a wonderful evening, chatting with my dear friend. I'll truly miss him while he's on his journeys, and I hope he finds all that he's looking for and more. He's a great caring soul, who has contributed to my life in more ways than he realizes.

Wednesday night, we started the evening with Emma, at ogun's suggestion. We started late, due to kikibird and runstaverun running late with dinner and me battling with ImageCast. By the way? Altiris is a happy puppy that does what I ask it to. Anyway, Emma was an excellent adaptation, making everyone want to see Clueless again. ``The most beautiful thing in the world is a match well made.'' It re-affirmed my love of Gwyneth Paltrow, and had both excellent dialogue and acting.

Afterwards, our host johnstevensaul had us choose between two movies. He started to introduce the first, My First Mister, and I tuned out after he said seventeen year old goth girl. ``Huh? We're watching that one.'' The chemistry between Leelee Sobieski and Albert Brooks was great. A loveless middle-aged man kicking everyone out of his life and a teenaged goth girl becoming true friends, sharing love, and starting a relationship through their hurt, ackward, confused, damaged ways of dealing with the outside world. Normally, odd couples are over done. ``Let's take a bitter cop and pair him up with a dog with a loose bladder!'' This odd pairing is done respectfully and honestly, without going through too many of the trite stereotypical interactions that plague the genre. The scene with her removing her piercings, the scene with R talking to J's mom? Wonderful. So sit for the seventeen year old goth played by one of the worst poets of the modern age, stay for the human interaction mapped out so beautifully in its flawed, pained ways.

Thursday was Game Night. drunkinmunchkin and willthestud blew us off again, and I invited track44 who wasn't getting out of class until late. So we had a small low-key classic Game Night. runstaverun played Xbox, and we played Mille Bornes. Mille Bornes is a classic French card game that I used to play constantly as a child. To this day, I sometimes play it on a fresh FreeBSD computer for kicks. runstaverun finished with 5500 points, kikibird with 4675, and I came in last with 4050 points.

We finally got to order from the place we've talked about ordering from, and had some good chow mei fun. runstaverun had coral shrimp, and kikibird got sick.

Tonight I go out with a Russian SPY! and a former neighbor. In fact, that's why this post has so few links. Tomorrow it's off to Belmont with towelboy, aaronkliger, hiphopatcong, and who knows who else. Afterwards, runstaverun, kikibird, and track44 are joining us for dinner... and then off to the Quiet Party. If Tuesday was my private venue with the artist aaronkliger, Saturday is the big MSG concert with the band, on a farewell tour. Only one man can kill this many Russians.

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