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chain of boredom

Here's how it works. Someone (josephgrossberg) interviewed me, and I answered the questions in my journal. You may in turn ask to be interviewed by me in the comments, and answer the questions in your journal, and continue the cycle. It's sort of a round robin survey, I guess. Here is my "interview" with the lovely josephgrossberg.

1. Name a movie or album that you insist is brilliant despite your friends' consensus otherwise.
I'll resist the temptation to answer with a musical answer, and instead go with The Prophecy. C'mon, Walken as a badass Gabriel and Mortensen as Satan! Angelic wars! Crazy interactions between a Native American Elvis imitator and Christian beliefs! Can't go wrong there!

2. What is the most ridiculous injury you've personally suffered?
Was wrestling with an ex on her dorm bed, her bed was raised higher than the other. I ended up dropping my lower spine on the wooden square bed post, sliding down the side, and then having her land on top of me. Ended up getting a nice big square bruise right on my spine, and couldn't stand up straight for days. They couldn't stop laughing for minutes.

3. Which is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Hmmm... tough one. I would go with From Russia with Buzz, but that's no longer around. I guess Phish Food, as much as I hate most fans of the band.

4. Who has made the strangest guest appearance in one of your dreams?
A week or so ago, I had a dream that I called my FreeUp voice mail, and it was pirate themed. It was an advertisement from Disney to promote their new pirate movie. ``Arrr! Press one if ya one to listen to ye messages, landlubber!'' So I guess Johnny Depp's voice as a pirate if you count voices. If you insist on a manifestation to count as an actual appearance, William H. Macy did a wacky cameo a few years ago.

5. If you had a pet chimp, what would his name be?
Mojo. But not after this Mojo, after THAT Mojo.

Why does ImageCast insist on crashing after 90%? Why does it taunt me so? Where's the love, ImageCast, where's the love? I educate people on how to use you, you've served us faithfully for years, why do you have to go and make me hit you? You know I don't mean to hurt you so, ImageCast. Those rumors you heard about me running around with Altiris, there ain't nothing to them. RapidDeploy what? That was just a couple of phone conversations. She means nothing to me. You know you're the only one for me, ImageCast. What, you think I could just replace you after all we've been through? You're whack, ImageCast. You and me got history, babe!

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