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Amazing Six Feet Under finale

As usual, an amazing Six Feet Under. As I've said before, and I'm on dial-up so I won't find it and link back to it, this season has been absolutely fucking amazing. Some amazing moments. Some of the best episodes ever. But something's been horribly missing, and really lacking. Finally, talking with friends, I realized what it was. Not enough messages from beyond/chats with the dead in day dreams! Sure, there's been plenty of drama. Plenty of death. Plenty of amazing emotional scenes. But David doesn't have the dead abusive husband giving him advice about the nature of abuse in relationships. Nate doesn't have the abandoned dead teenager comforting him about loss. Not enough dead people.

Remember Nate sitting in the room his father rented? Remember Rico flashing back to the first time he met Nate Sr? Remember the gang member talking to David what fear really is? All of that was horribly absent this season, leaving a major segment of what made the show so great out, but the rest of the show compensated. Tonight... that segment returned. Daddy, and not the Daddy I referred to, was back in a big way. The ``after death'' scenes, conversations with the dead, or conscious explorations of the subconscious... how ever you take them... were amazing as always. It wouldn't be a great show if that was all we had, but just like marshmellow topping and an artificial sweet cherry that you love so fucking much, it completes the sundae that is Six Feet Under.

The scene with him crying after the wedding was beautiful. Turning away, weeping his guts out, perfect.

David: ``Is that all life is, replacing people?''
Nathaniel: ``Yeah, just some of us do it faster and more often than others.''

Yeah. That discussion was amazing. Reminded me of a conversation at Club Bene with karamoon. She had just met Kellie, and heard how Kellie pulled me back from my teen angst death pit, and made some comments about her being a replacement karamoon. Self-centered as that may seem, she was right in many ways. But which came first, the chicken or the egg? Well, obviously, the egg. The thing that is close to a chicken but not quite enough of a chicken to be considered a chicken gave birth to an egg which was just evolved enough to be considered a chicken egg, so the egg came first. But who is the egg? karamoon? Valerie? Karen? Marianne Kruppa from ABZ? My mother, thanks to Freud? Or am I replacing each one with the next, venturing down a path?

Yeah, err, Six Feet Under! The relationship between them was, as usual, one of the most amazingly done relationships on television.

Keith: ``I saw you and thought, "Who is that beautiful new white boy?"''

And Six Feet Under, satan_dot_com bless its worm-ridden decomposing heart, settled the argument. ``It is a date if you want it to be.''

I forgot where I worked sometimes, and thus have a copy of The Animatrix sitting in my Xbox, which is tired from a really really long Friday night. I'm giving towelboy this copy when my ordered copy comes in. So, anyone want to watch it?

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