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Geeking away - Virtual Sacrifice Log
Aici zace un om despre care nu se ştie prea mult
Geeking away
Still need to recap an amazing and emotional Movie Night. Still need to recap the brute force of Game Night. Hell, still need to update on a number of personal matters.

But all this must wait. I'm grabbing the celebrity shmivejournal and escorting him to redvector's LAN party. Bringing Hambone for a little fun, get to see a bunch of his MR friends, yadda yadda. Directions printed, saved to PDA, on the way out.

I agreed to hang out with stepson tomorrow, but we're still negotiating plans. He doesn't want to crash Alumni Weekend, he doesn't want to go to Albion/Batcave, he doesn't want to go to DC to see Bob Mould with Pete, so we'll have to find something to do that gets him out of his house.

Feeling: optimistic optimistic
Listening to: Fear Factory, Sangre de Niños

Preach it