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Further Matrix 2 shit, not really spoiler, but links to spoiler shit

Thanks to shmivejournal for finding this gem. That wins my ``Dorkiest Comment on /. for the Day'' award. Let's not mention the SecurityFocus article...

Oh, and since I warned you about being spoilerish, I can expand past my first review. I mentioned that there's not a huge amount of plot. This is true. There's no setup. There's no recap of everything that occured in the first, like they did in LOTR:TTT (how sad that redvector and I just checked Google to see which one was more proper). But, as windexcowboy pointed out today at lunch, there's one scene that has more than enough plot packed in it. A scene that redvector joked about having more than enough polysyllabic words to really piss people just there for the action off.

redvector: Your posts look so much longer in the raw HTML. I guess I'm kind of like Silent Bob. Whenever I'm not yelling at someone, I'm saying something really profound. So I guess I'm more like Angry Bob.

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