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Holy flaming horseshit, Batman! Woah! *NO SPOILERS*

Just saw The Matrix: Reloaded at 10:30 with redvector, windexcowboy, angryjonny, and his friends. Holy shit. redvector's friend was right. Stay until after the credits. Stay.

angryjonny wore his shiny pants, I wore my usual trenchcoat, and I had promotional sunglasses for Enter the Matrix. He joked that if we combined all of those items (probably also using redvector's suit), we'd make a total fanboy.

Tons of action. Filled with action. Overflowing with action. A bottle is filled up with pure, concetrated action and shoved up your ass. Then the Wachowski brothers kick your ass until the bottle breaks. The plot, well, less set up than the first. Some good plot moments between the insane amount of action, will totally get another viewing. I fucking hate fatalistic people, I just gnash my teeth just trying to fit into that mindset, grrr.

Good to see Prisoner #95H522 working, even after the demise that left aaronkliger cursing my name.

Please don't comment with spoilers without revealing them as such, or I'll get pissed and kill your ancestors. Read noelr's review here, ogun's here, and graye's here.

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