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Movie Nights and Game Nights

Last week we watched Priscilla, Queen of the Desert and American Beauty. The latter, which I brought and forced johnstevensaul to watch, remains one of my favorite movies of all time. The former I had heard plenty about over the years, but had not seen before. Between that and Bedrooms and Hallways from the previous week, I'm going to have a hard time watching any Matrix or LotR movies and taking a certain actor seriously. Agent Elrond tying up young men and dancing in Abba. Yeah. Beyond that, it was worth seeing. Not an amazing movie, but a cultural reference point that's been jabbed into my side hundreds of times over my life.

Game Night was fun, as willthestud graced us with his company. We played Scattergories, which was fun. runstaverun and our guest BeyBladed it up, and we played some Xbox. Once more, I had way too much sushi on sale. I also managed to prove what a lightweight I was when it came to drinking. It was a good night, and it was cool to have willthestud there. He seemed like a good human being.

This week, lesbian night, we watched Kissing Jessica Stein and Bar Girls. Unfortunately, I didn't know about Movie Night being moved from Wednesday to Tuesday until after I had made plans for the evening. Seriously, with everything else going on that night, how was I supposed to remember that? But I managed to delay my plans so I could make at least one movie. Kissing Jessica Stein was quite well done, with the kind of ending that would make fmrflyboy upset, just like the movie johnstevensaul and I were afraid it was going to turn into on the rooftop scene. I'm sure aaronkliger and hiphopatcong remember fmrflyboy's violent reaction to the end of that movie. I left after a third of Bar Girls, and what I did see seemed quite amusing.

And tonight, as I said, is Game Night with a possible visitor.

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