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I'm Godot?

[-] [21310]---From: Jack_Spade at Wed Apr 17 8:06am 2032---
[-] Subj: Last few.
[-] *whines like a baby*
[-] It sucks. Yes. I agree with your point. But what do you
[-] want people to do about it? You want a fucking admin to
[-] sit there and watch everyone RP to make sure they're being
[-] fair and shit? Fuck that. You'd have to pay someone to do
[-] that sort of shit, and even then, you'd have a seriously
[-] hard time finding someone to fill the position.
[-] If someone keeps breaking the rules, report that shit, and
[-] it'll be dealt with. BUT YOU CAN'T EXPECT THE HAND OF GOD
[-] Be a little more existential, instead of waiting for Godot
[-] (Read: Kingfox) to fix shit for you.
[-] Spade.
[-] -------

Wow. I'm honored.

Went out with a former roomie's former roomie and a former roomie who is once more a roomie last night for dollar margaritas at Charlie Brown's in Denville. Had a good time, but managed to screw up even further in the process.

Ghaaaa Drew's a small inbred mountain village! My co-worker's girlfriend who I am currently supervising temporarily's roomie's older sister was a bartender at the Pub when I managed it and is marrying a former co-manager who I briefly lived with two summers ago.

Inspired by this thread:

To be nice to ogun, .

You are kingfox!
To find out your LJ identity, take the quiz yourself!

Anyway, I found it amusing. A nice dig at the various asinine online polls, yet participating in the bandwagon as well.

The picture of me with my arms around three other people is from a picture of me with three former quad/roommates. I then took various pictures of me and pasted my facial features into their faces. From left to right, the first is Aaron as mock-angry Kingfox in Wisconsin, the second is really me, the third is Doug as Kingfox in a Drew dorm room a couple years ago saying hi, and the fourth is Marty Z. as drunken Kingfox in Pennsylvania wearing a giant orange foam hat.

The picture to the right of that is me posing in the rectory, and the picture above that is me in my office.

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