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A 12 step plan

  • Step One
    You admit you are powerless under me.
  • Step Two
    You figure that's just gotta be jelly, cause jam just don't shake like that.
  • Step Three
    Make a searching inventory of all your good shit...
  • Step Four
    Inventory taken, you hand all that good shit over to me.
  • Step Five
    Having divined I am the real thing, you get down on your knees...
  • Step Six
    ...and humbly ask me to remove your underthings...
  • Step Seven
    ...and make ready for me to do mah thing.
  • Step Eight
    Naked now, you're ready to understand mah kind of lovin'...
  • Step Nine
    Lovin' mens, lovin' womens, lovin' all god's creatures.
  • Step Ten
    Your divestments complete, I may or may not be turned on by you.
  • Step Eleven
    If I am turned on by ya, I'll think you're probably about ready to become...
  • Step Twelve
    ...a lonely little reverend, just making your way day by day, in the congregation. Hustling a dollar here, a dollar there, bringin' it all back to the all powerful all mighty the all ways D. W. A. Y. N. E. loooove. Born to make love, baby!

Sometimes, from time to time, I get in an A3 kinda mood. Thank The Sopranos, and me jumping on that bandwagon before most of my friends allowing me to get the CD from aaronkliger. Despite the rest of it sounding nothing like the remixes that end up on every radio station at the dawn of every season of Jersey mafia fun, I love it. Just like I get into a Doors or Zeppelin moods from time to time. runstaverun first really met me after his return to drewuniversity during an A3 phase.

For whatever reason you refuse to feel this space we're in, to know it's insanity, really know it, whatever your particular anesthetic is, that you hold on to so desperately, the thing I mean that makes you THINK you know who you are, whatever that THING is you allow to keep you sane, your ace in the hole, the psyche that keeps you from trying to guess what your PIMP has in store for you, whatever keeps you from screaming out at this very moment in absolute and sheer horror, whatever you fuck your brain with, whatever that is, whatEVER that is, is a lie. It's a lie!

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