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Summary of the rest of my weekend

So, I had this whole piece of paper I scribbled on while trashed at towelboy's party on Friday. Where is it? Gone. Just like a number of other papers recently. Numerous notes about the nature of interpersonal relations between enlightened beings while smashed appropriately lost in the sober aftermath. Har. hiphopatcong and I drove down, getting some Roy Roger's. It was a good day, for that and many other reasons. So we played State of Emergency while smashed. aaronkliger, hiphopatcong, and I bonded and shared and rambled out our heart and souls to each other at length in an amazing series of coversations. Meanwhile, the local dealer and towelboy's awesome animated dynamic brother tried to out-rap each other in a verbal display of hip hop fireworks for an audience. noelr killed himself in GTA3 over and over. Some fool made fun of the greatest gaming system known to modern man. We watched Last Temptation, noelr put on Passion, and I tried to pass out as his friend's boyfriend interrogated him about having an anti-messianic complex. Tried really hard.

All in all, a wonderful night. It was great to see towelboy, and good to spend time with the usual suspects, despite some whining.

Rahway Roughnecks. Word is bond, yo.

Pete with pseudo-mullet, volcano hat, lookin' sly...
hiphopatcong - I just thought you would all enjoy this picture. It is definitely my favorite. It's hard to imagine that the same guy in the picture speaks multiple foreign languages and has been on every continent on the planet. You can take Pete out of Rahway, but you can't take Rahway out of Pete.

The next morning, aaronkliger joined us on the return to civilization and escape from scumberland central, after watching towelboy fight with his mother and me sneaking in a shower in the greatest shower in the universe. When I was down there for his birthday, I had an amazing drive back, with light piercing through the clouds like the end of Akira. No such rapture from nature this time, good friends giving company instead. I realized things about the area, and we tried to hit Roy's on the way back. The Joyce Kilmer was closed, so we got off at my hometown. We called Pete, inviting him to meet up with us at Boston Market, the site of my former temple, Roy Roger's Avenel. He said he was in the middle of a serious bender, and wanted to go to Wendy's instead. Sure, I was ready to face all of my anger, resentment, and bitterness towards a place where I spent my formative years, but not a problem. No worries. So I gave aaronkliger and hiphopatcong a tour of downtown Woodbridge, Green Street, and St. George's/Amboy Avenue. The typical spewing of Russell trivia. We met Pete at a new Wendy's where there used to be a fruit stand, and a kennel before that. We chatted for hours, sitting in the Wendy's and scaring the employees. After a while, we ventured out to my car... Where we listened to Dio on repeat. Holy Diver was played for many a random customer while we rocked out. ``Don't talk to strangers...'' Clearly we had to do something more with our day....

So we went off to the Barnes and Noble in Clark, having Jake meet us there. hiphopatcong bought us all drinks and snacks, and we hung out at another establishment for an extended period of time. Another session of hanging out chatting in the parking lot listening to Dio, and Marty joined us. We hit Jake's home, and headed out to some random bar elsewhere in Union County. Worried about aaronkliger's chances of catching a train, I agreed to drive him to Grand Central Station. In through the Holland, hiphopatcong pissing off a bridge somewhere in Bayonne on the way in. Out through the Lincoln, hiphopatcong pissing into a random phone booth on the way out. I stayed up late, and updated. Cool stuff...

Easter was fun. Drove hiphopatcong over to his mom's place back in his hometown. His hilarious and wonderful grandparents were there, as was his awesome brother, sweet mother, nice stepfather, and the dogs. Sweet mother of hell I love those dogs. Chris's fiance showed up after dinner, and we hung out for a while afterwards. Good times, I enjoy spending time with hiphopatcong's family. I particularly enjoyed the conversation about relationships with his mother after everyone else left, and his grandfather's joking while his phantom brother was on the phone.

Tonight is Game Night, with special guest willthestud. I'll post about Gay Night and Game Night tomorrow, I guess.

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