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You're the star of the masquerade, no need to look so afraid!

Saw Bedrooms and Hallways and Life as a House Wednesday night at johnstevensaul's movie night. No one else could make it, so it was just the two of us and one of his roomies for the first one. The first movie was like a different Chasing Amy. Instead of a gay man walking in on his straight roommate in bed with a lesbian, the gay man walks in on his gay roommate in bed with a straight woman after his roommate has already slept with the straight woman's straight man. Meanwhile, Agent Smith plays a kinky gay real estate agent. The second movie I had seen before with my ex, and it still makes me feel dirty. This is the movie that caused me to picture Anakin listening to Manson, huffing, and dying his hair after slaughtering the raiders. But the dirtyness comes from the cute sexy girl in panties or manually stimulating Anakin in the shower... And then realizing that she's the same girl who once bragged, ``Well, MY boyfriend is in high school...'' *shudder* She grew up fast.

After all that, went home. I love the view from the hill I live on. On a clear night, you can make out the nearby areas perfectly under the gorgeous seductive full moon. It was a beautiful night, making me want to just run around the condo complex like a madman. Instead, I drove elsewhere and watched the amazing Dawson's episode with Dr. Drew and Adam, and watched the insane South Park episode. Looks like Mitch Conner has cashed in his last chips. Watched some Ronin, thought of aaronkliger. Damn I forgot how amazing that film is.

Thursday was busy at work, and I managed to piss off two people I've slept with in less than twenty-four hours. One while asleep, the other joking in response to a comment of theirs and having everything come out in the worst possible way. I'm good like that. hiphopatcong came in via train, expecting to go out to Karaoke. But I had been telling the Game Night regulars that I would talk to hiphopatcong, who said himself he would talk to me later in the week to confirm things. So runstaverun and I pressured him into Game Night. We played State of Emergency to Geto Boys, and made two large trays of nachos. Lime chips, regular chips, peach salsa, garlic salsa... all arranged into four quadrents for the possible combinations. runstaverun and I gorged ourself on them while kikibird and hiphopatcong LJ'd or prepared drinks, respectively. We played Trivial Pursuit, the new version. I had played the version a few times (having purchased a copy for an ex and played it with johnstevensaul, runstaverun, kikibird, and her friend in the past), so I kept on remembering questions. It was the version designed to spite hiphopatcong, who normally dominates Trivial Pursuit unconditionally. Sports questions about underwater hockey and cherry pit spitting, while I get a question about Mad Max. Not just a question about Mad Max, but a multple choice question I had answered before it was half read, about something aaronkliger used to joke with me about all the time. So, in the end, runstaverun and hiphopatcong danced over the final area trying to win, while kikibird and I languished half-completed. They gave up, capitulated, and we all went to bed.

I'll expand about Friday and Saturday later. Short version? Friday hiphopatcong and I went down to Vineland, we all bonded, socialized, Last Temptation, revelations, Poofcat. Saturday aaronkliger joined us on our trip back up north. No Roy Rogers at Joyce Kilmer, so we hang out with Pete. Hours in the Wendy's where there used to be a kennel, hours in the parking lot, hours in Barnes and Noble with Jake joining, hours in that parking lot with Marty joining, and finally ending up at a bar. Driving into NYC by the Holland, hiphopatcong pissing off a bridge and into a phone booth, driving back to the condo with Solid State via the Lincoln. Lots of Holy Diver.

Today I do the Easter thing with hiphopatcong and family. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MANU!!!

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