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Up the irons!

REO Speedwagon, Styx, and Journey are touring together. Peter Gabriel and The Music Box have come though. What could be better?

Well, July 30th, we have an amazing chance to witness another amazing show at Madison Square Garden.

We'd start the evening with Dio. That's right, Dio. ``Holy diver! You're the star of the masquerade! No need to look so afraid!'' Who else could step in to Ozzy's shoes after he left Sabbath? Who else could rock out the school dance on Southpark? Dio!

Following Dio, we'd have a refreshing encounter with Motörhead. Any band with accent marks can't be that bad. Any band so hideous that they'd never have made it in the age of MTV has to have some actual talent. Some good soulful raspy rockin' slammin' your soul!

And then, the glistening diamond on this crown of metal, Iron Maiden. That's right, Iron Maiden has announced an American date. Iron Maiden, my favorite band ever, who I've only gotten to see live with Blaze fucking Bailey as singer. Bruce Dickinson, their former amazing mindblowing lead singer, reprises his role as ``the vocalist''. Last tour I was too poor to see them live, and a few of you attacked me, screaming how you would have given me the necessary cash. Well, here's your chance.

No, not to give me the money. To attend yourself! Tickets will range from $39.50 to $52.50. Obviously, I'd like to aim for the $52.50. How often do you have a chance to see the kings of the NWOBHM? With two fine upstanding opening acts? Not that often. Iron Maiden was playing massive concerts with six-figure attendance records. Twice the population of Binghamton. More people than the center of the world. But bruce_dickinson left, and soon they were reduced to playing small gigs like Birch Hill. But Bruce, the rube, the air raid siren, is back! And they're playing stadiums again!

So if you would like to join me on this fantastic joyride, you need to let me know by tomorrow, nine in the morning. Tickets go on sale then. I hope I won't be going alone, like my last Maiden show. Just like I explained in the conversation I had with towelboy, it was one of the many dreams realized that were letdowns. Iron Maiden with Blaze Bailey was like finally getting to own the car of your dreams, but with no engine. The engine's back. It's been tuned up. Shall we ride?

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