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Television - Virtual Sacrifice Log
Aici zace un om despre care nu se ştie prea mult
Last night's late ``That 70's Show'' was great. Topical, and a wonderful spoof on divorces. I was a few years old again, and mommy and daddy were using me as a pawn again.

Tonight's Dawson's Creek was wonderful. Well, relatively speaking. A good mix of sadness and nostalga, really hitting a number of old themes and events in the series that led the characters to this point in their lives, as well as some bad decisions and tragedies. I can see a number of great possible final story angles for the last few episodes. Personally, I can't wait for the last episode.

People, girlfriends mostly, are always accusing me of living in the past and being too nostalgic. Fuck that. I'll drive through Rockaway, see a street sign, have a rush of memories, and share that with my companion. But I'm not just dwelling in the past. I'm traversing through the paths back, the foundations of the person/place/thing that triggered the thought process. Sure. But I'm also following paths forward to alternate presents, alternate futures from them or from the current objective present. But I really don't share that with you, generic girlfriend or compatriot. It's easy for me to blab on about every time we've been to Sandy Hook in the past, but I really can't share the ``what if'' and possible futures I'm currently running through. So that leaves people accusing me of trapping myself in a prison of my own past all the time. Sure, I reflect on it constantly. It's the building blocks of who I am, and the best vault of learned knowledge I have available.

The ``Hello... ...Goodbye'' exhibit a couple of years ago at the Museum of Radio and Television was designed for me.

I love first episodes. I gobble them up. New possibilities, characters with worlds of character development waiting for them, all of the predictable ``very special episode'' yet to be hashed through. With the introduction of the main situation and characters, the entire story arc of the show's many seasons can be mentally mapped out. A realm of infinate possibilities, like the center of the I-Ching garden on LambdaMOO. Fuck yeah. Look at the first episode of Who's The Boss, how well it sets everything up.

I love final episodes. Devour them with rapture. You see how things go, happily or unhappily ever after, for everyone. Odo saves his race and leaves his love to play in the slime teaching the value of humanity. Mel Torme comes to talk to Judge Harry Stone. Felicity saves Elena through Wiccan time travel. Loose ends wrapped up, spin-offs given loose ends to unravel, maybe even movies set up.

I look forward to the final Dawson's. While the show isn't even close to many other shows I've watched on a regular basis, I've been a regular since day one. The writing and acting of Felicity could have Dawson's crew for breakfast, but still... And here's a link so I don't freak anyone out.

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carrisse From: carrisse Date: April 9th, 2003 10:29 pm (UTC) (Hard link)
What the fuck, only one link?
crescentdude From: crescentdude Date: April 10th, 2003 10:00 am (UTC) (Hard link)

Amen, brother!

I eat that stuff up too. Although, I was moderately unimpressed by the Night Court series finale. I think it was when they sent Bull off to Jupiter so that he could be the guy to reach the stuff on their top shelves that I decided the series was very, very poorly ended. They'd only just started to make Bull into a real character, with a wife, and potentially even a family; there were a whole world of possibilities for him. I know they wanted to keep his character quirky, and do something really bizarre with him, but I just think that if they wanted to make him like that, they shouldn't have bothered giving him a real life. Early in the series, they did a bunch of character development with him, made him downright human. Then that all stopped. Ah well.

Quantum Leap, of course, had to be the most bittersweet finale I've ever seen. It helped if you knew that the cast had no idea that they were filming the finale when they were making it. They didn't find out until shooting was over. Sam got to find out who'd been leaping him around, he found out God was a bartender, we got to see Al almost blow chow in the imaging chamber, and Sam finally got to go back and set things right with Al's first wife. It's a bit of a bummer what the ending caption said about Sam never returned home, though. I was kinda hoping he'd have learned how to control when he goes home, and take a sabbatical every now and then.

Then there's TNG. They should have left it there, and not bothered with the movies. "All Good Things" was an excellent end to the series, and then Berman & Braga had to go ruin it for us with four widescreen episodes. And since they insisted on making movies anyway, they shouldn't have made Generations so soon after TNG was over. That was an extremely bad move. Take some time off, think for a while, hire yourself some decent writers, hog-tie B&B and stuff them in a closet, and set about making some decent films.

Okay. I think I'm done now.
Chorus of 2 demons || Preach it