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IIIIIIIIII ain't got nooooooobody!!

Here's Nick Notle talking to Eddie Griffin: ``Rrrrawwwrrrrahrrrrawwwrrrroooowwwrrrrr'' ``Babbadoobabbadoobadobahbah''

Normally I'd be workin' and linkifying the post I emailed myself last night summing up the weekend. But, for once, I'm going to take blackbytes's advice and actually leave during a snow storm instead of getting snowed in at drewuniversity. Maybe if I had a change of clothing and my Xbox with me, I'd get snowed in.

So here's the short version, which will be expanded upon and lj-cut to death and linkified tomorrow:

Friday: Celebrating chiquib's birthday, living in the past, getting yelled at, and explaining how I can't deprive the females of the US. If I'm not out there being with them, the terrorists have already won!

Saturday: Hanging out with someone, then visiting stepson and April late at night. Feeling old and domesticated in a four-door and a diner, and getting no sleep.

Sunday: Sushi in the Sims, RTCW coming, new Sam and Max, Kung Faux, and stirring gay movies. Then dreams of ``Surreal Life'' with Steve Harris and Bruce Dickinson, some celebs already in it, some new b-listers, and myself.

So, instead of playing this song for the millionth time (and I'm more of a Hagar fan)... I'm going to leave.

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