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Shaolin Soccer and I feel better.

Go ahead and watch this. Hell yeah! Thanks to caniswolfie for finding that one. Looks even funnier than Kung Fu Chaos, and far less offensive. According to IMDB, ``Most successful Hong Kong movie ever, making $60 million at the local box office.'' Look for it this August.

Last night I felt, as I said, like utter shit. Intense lower abdominal pain, couldn't sleep the night before, couldn't concentrate at work. Blarg. Ended up walking over to my car after work to drive home, but Public Saftey had blocked it in their infinate wisdom. So I tried to nap in it while waiting for them to move, while fire trucks and various emergency vehicles sped past making such attempts impossible. Finally they moved, I drove painfully home, got more meds, and saw a ton of emergency vehicles at the intersection by my turn off. Har. Of course, there was a major accident, and my neighborhood had no power.

While this would have been a disaster if it had occured tonight (Dawson's night), it worked out perfectly for last night. While my berries died and my mech rusted, I caught up on sleep. Somehow, drifting in and out of sleep all night, I caught up and then some. I remember chatting with the roomies, I remember taking meds every time the pain became too much to deal with, and I remember easydamsel leaving for a while, but mostly I remember the flashes of power. In the most annoying way, the power came back for a split second five or six times over the course of ten seconds every so often. That really didn't help my sleep.

But I woke up this morning feeling like an achy yet refreshed million dollars, and jaunted into work to find windexcowboy explaining that he, johnstevensaul, and Claire were the only acadtech'ers around this morning. So it's been a low-key kind of day. More full timers showed up, and I've managed to get enough done so that I don't feel bad about being the pain-induced sleep-deprived zombie I was yesterday. Unfortunately, I had to blow off taking chiquib out for her birthday.

EDIT: For those that don't read /., make sure to check this out.

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