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Monkey magic, ATTACK! (and a good night for my Xbox)

I'll jump on the battle monkey bandwagon.

is a
Haggis-Eating Vampire Monkey

...with a Battle Rating of 8.5

To see if your Food-Eating Battle Monkey can
defeat Kingfox, enter your name:

I'd love to have a legion of flying monkeys carrying a litter for a ride.

In other news, yesterday was a great day for my little baby Xbox. Picked up my pre-ordered copy of State of Emergency. Yes, it was a crappy game for the PS2. You just ran around in these little levels beating the crap out of things, just simple mindless mayhem that couldn't hold a candle to GTA3. But there's three reasons I got it.

  1. Custom soundtracks, due to the power of the Xbox. So I can lead a pack of gang members through a megacorporate district sticking it to the man to Leonard Cohen (towelboy, read that essay if you haven't), doing a tribute to Natural Born Killers. I can grab a rocket launcher and attack capitalist storefronts to Edgecrusher. Police officers of the coporation surround me and attempts to subdue me with nightsticks to It's Against the Law. Fuck yeah.
  2. Multiplayer, which wasn't a feature for the PS2. Co-op play, taking out the man with a friend, or deathmatch. And in deathmatch? You get to recruit tons of random rioters to your cause, until both of you are running around with a pack of thugs behind each of you, ready to run forward and beat each other up in a massive pile of weaponry and crunching humanity. Yum.
  3. $20.00 price tag. Due to the game's failure on the PS2, and the long time it took to come out for the Xbox, they're only charging a fraction of the normal price of a game for multiplayer fun!

So I look forward to playing it with kikibird and runstaverun.

I also picked up Shenmue 2. Hey, it was $10, and it's a gorgeous fucking game.

Finally, there's a new support group for people with no balls, noballs.

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