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Of war, we don't speak anymore (x4) We will fight the heathens (x8)

What could I say that hasn't been already said by the insightful and wise people in my friends list? khephra had his insightful inside look on the military industrial complex, jwz spoke about it the way I would - with links galore, amplitude got on the soap box, my crew of friends shook their heads, cybersphere seemed more like a possible or happy future than the dark future it was designed to be - just as 1984 looks much less creepy in 1999 than when it first came out (Groening had a great rant about that).

Those who know me know where I stand on this. The video runstaverun showed me shows everything wrong with the peace movement. The undoing of years of foreign policy work scares me. The conspiracy theorist in me isn't suprised, while the humanist weeps. I support our troops, I question their place in the middle east at this point, and I fear this will go poorly in many ways.

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