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Last night's Six Feet Under and Mozilla 1.3, compare and contrast in five pages

Last night's Six Feet Under was great, this season's really starting to hit its stride. Though the cooking scene between David and Keith was amazing in the prior episode, really nailing that kind of interaction in a couple perfectly. And my ``sweetie'' foretold what was going to happen with Ruth long ago, hitting all the details and character development exactly so far. I didn't know it was that transparent, but she's good at seeing through things. The Lifespring reference Bettina made had me in stitches. I know I've referred to it in the past, it's still amusing looking back on how Sarah referred to ``The Plan'', as I look back on Lifespring. The new art professor is a great character, I look forward to seeing more of him.

Mozilla 1.3 really makes my day. Unlike some of my co-workers, I haven't been using the nightly builds, I've been sticking to the versions on customer's computers, so I can better answer questions from the desk. But, as Paul's making objects for 1.3 this week, I went ahead and upgraded. Behold the power of the open sores! As always, it's the little things that really win me over. Being able to right click open a link from an email in a new tab on an existing Navigator window as opposed to a new window, auto image resizing in a friendler manner than IE's, as well as the improvements from 1.2 that I've been enjoying at home. Love it.

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I don't know what to make of that.

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