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Satan, cell, same sex, screams, synchronicity.

Mozilla crashed while pulling up ``news'' on satan_dot_com. Twice. Despite handing the links caniswolfie threw at it. Now that's creepy. Time to read user_not_found some more.

Left my cell back at the condo this morning. Yet I remember to set the VCR to tape Dawson's.

Enjoyed watching But I'm a Cheerleader and All Over the Guy with kikibird, runstaverun, and kellan547 at the latter's house Monday night. The former contained some nice young starlets and hilarious laughs, while the latter was an entertaining romantic comedy with eyecandy for kellan547.

My WEBINAR got delayed. I'll have to attend my WEBINAR later. And that's enough making mrfantasy cry.

runstaverun extends my theory.

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