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Link explosion

You can buy happiness. You can live under Tokyo in shadows. You can be a consumer whore! And how, you evil capitalist running dog! You can shoot fire! You can be funny! You can check up on the cranford crew!

Or you can just unload a bunch of links at once. I really haven't updated much about the daily happenings in my life since the snow fell, so fuck, I've got links coming out of my ass.

Speaking of my ass, drewuniversity isn't screwing me. It's newjersey, so drewuniversity's still getting fluffed up and standing in line. Unless it gives up and goes for another orifice. For the love of all that is good and holy, I'm bleeding from my anus! Yay! At this rate I'll be making as much as I used to make.

So I'm off to kellan547's pad to watch gay cinema with kikibird and runstaverun. All three of us are suffering from bleeding eye syndrome. Not from bad DXM dosing, but from Gauntlet overdose.

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