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These are the facts

Saturday, shortly before going to play more with kikibird and runstaverun, a NSA agent known as ``mitten'' hump/tackle/hugged me as Danika once did at MB2K. He wears the same exact boots as I do, only in size seven instead of thirteen. He reads PGP as most read pig latin.

Ever since my promotion, I've earned a set amount per month. Being so happy to see my salary double, I never bothered to really examine my paycheck stub like an irresponsible idiot. I never noticed that exactly 10% of my pretax income was going to an unknown line item, GA. A line item windexcowboy, mrfantasy, and OS/2 expert don't have. A line item that the latter guessed was drewuniversity gunning for their due. They deserve said due, I've offered to let them have said due, but.... I never signed a goddamn thing. I never got a balance statement. I was never notified of a damn thing. While we could just say they are getting what the court decided they were due, they've been getting this 10% for months BEFORE the court decision and the order went in to garnish wages. So drewuniversity is fucking with me.

When you walk down a path upset and half-sobbing, the rise and fall of your chest makes it feel as if your phone is vibrating, in some sad delusion.

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