☞Wasteland Warlock☜ (kingfox) wrote,
☞Wasteland Warlock☜

Scott's last karaoke

Last night was a crazy night. Scott's last karaoke. Pictures here.

Many moons ago, I had run away from home and was living in a rectory. I took a job at a local retail store, and after a few issues with the church truck, was carless. So one cold January night, the carless assistant manager told me that he could get me a ride back to the rectory with his ride, as long as I attended karaoke with him. There was a small crowd, but he even convinced me to sing by the end of the night (Roy Rogers, ``Happy Trails''). The rest was history. Before long hiphopatcong and I were going on a weekly basis. Our group of people dominated the crowd. There was love, anger, drama, joy, sadness, and good times.

People stopped going, a new class took over, time moved on. hiphopatcong moved to the Bronx, and now Scott's gone as well.

Scott, the king of karaoke, has been working at the mall for seventeen years. Everyone knows him. He knows everyone. He is king.

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