☞Wasteland Warlock☜ (kingfox) wrote,
☞Wasteland Warlock☜

It's been a while

Sexcuse me, but what good is all the violence in the world unless it is toppled with limitless sex?
Bring out the limitless sex object, and allow me, Sexecutioner, genius, to sexplain the seriousness of this subject,
now if you will will attend to my words, you'll see I'm a naughty fellow....

Sorry, it's been ages since I've written in here. Ages. So much has happened, and I've been a naughty boy about recording it for posterity. I've had four people pester me today to update my journal. Let's see, where did I leave things...

I got to keep my old computer to play with. I still need to return the monitor I borrowed to set it up.

No major news on the financial front, last I checked my employer is still suing me. A superior of mine talked with one of the people involved, and will hopefully have some good news for me. If I can just work out a payment plan with them, all will be well.

The melodramatic moody depressed entries I left off with was due to me being a drunken jackass and pushing someone over the edge. While things are not completely magically perfectly patched up back to the point where they were, things are rolling forward. Spent the weekend down at her place, hanging out with her and her family for the holiday. Had a good time, only a couple of spats, comparatively co pathetic. Saw a couple movies that I liked while visiting, and even got some Easter candy from her parents.

Today my boss was out, April Fool's day being his wedding anniversary. The Aide Station students had an elaborate prank worked out, where they all pretended to be various former student employees. They had a meeting, many emails sent to and from the alumni in question, and did plenty of research into the roles. It was entertaining, seeing the younger students playing people that went to Drew with me. I played a current co-worker of mine that also worked for the department as a student, but the victim of the prank guessed who I was attempting to be after the first line passed my lips.

I guess a straight male who always wears black making a comment about men sucking while wearing white would be easily identified as the gay student employee. Oh well. Some of the living caricatures were quite amusing.

In other news, a ghost from my past has regained contact with me. Someone I knew from the age of eight until the age of seventeen, who I haven't talked to in seven years, talking to me again. A former best friend, a former lover, a former object of desire, a former object of worship, a former confidant, a major chapter in my history book.... talking to me again. It's quite odd on a number of levels. I still don't know how to feel.

Just like these ladies.

So you think that you are all very smart, that you know many words,
all you need to know for the rest of your life...

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