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One Year, and my two nodal points

I know I just mentioned an anniversary of sorts, but ogun reminded me. My LJ is a year old, well, right around now give or take a few minutes.

Instead of posturing or reflecting, I'm going to share something.

neenerface and shmivejournal are the two major nodal points in my LJ experience.

Every time I start hopping through interesting people, cool conversations, facinating communities, I end up checking out a few userinfos. In every case, the people who really draw my attention have either neenerface or shmivejournal as a friend. Never both. And those two haven't friended each other.

Yes, I know that will upset a good number of people. ``Hey, I don't have either as a friend, am I not cool?'' Well, no, you could still be cool. But all the people I find through truly random wanderings all have one or the other as a friend.

I know, they both have large friends lists. But so do satan_dot_com, bob_dot_com, and some other friends of mine. Hell, those two have wonderful journals to read as well, and plenty of worthy minions. But for some reason, those two people from Jersey south of here always come up as nodal points. runstaverun has experienced it first hand, with the ruxxell connection. It's just downright eerie at times.

So thank you, neenerface and shmivejournal, for bringing it all together with your gravitational pulls. It's been a fun year on LJ.

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