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In other news, memories, and Walken playing brass...

angerelemental [20:33] you know what. You're the future wife of my children

So people try to keep me down. Good friends pop out what data they have, and conspiracy theories abound. Worship continues, but is put on hold while things grow. Fuck, it's not waiting for growth, it's pressing down and B while Tanooki Mario. Which is a crappy plan, but I'll stick to it, `cause it looks cooler than being a simple coon.

Spent last night chatting with ogun, but mostly relating the entire story of an old campaign on cybersphere to graye. Was fun going through the old posts, memories, and notes. Memories, memories, memories, and more memories. I'll just kill a few trees and sit in the bathroom reading for a while, as I don't have a tablet PC, ok?

So there you have it. Game over, man.

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