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A few random emotions

  • Sadness is having an ex's friend stop by the desk, asking to pick up all of the ex's stuff. Someone who spent countless hours on the phone with me ranting about how much it sucked that she couldn't maintain a friendship with her ex, not even returning my calls or text messages and sending someone else to get her things.

  • Self-disappointment (no, not hatred, I can't hate myself anymore) is still having no balls.

  • Happiness is getting wm_gibson_feed's new book.

  • Hopelessness is drewuniversity going for my salary again, and probably getting 10% of my gross withheld.

  • Nostalga is chatting with Padre Joe, who has only shown up on random memorable days ever since I moved out. Vagina Day, the manager's meeting in the spring, etc.

  • Joy is chatting with Pete for a while a day after his birthday. His dinner should be awesome, with a suprise guest.

  • Confusion is watching free users bitch and whine about getting less for free. While cooler heads prevail, these are the same fuckers who whined and screamed when free user posting was disabled during critical load periods. Whaaa. One less CD, one less cheap video game, and there's a year paid for fuckers. Don't complain about the club not getting a cool DJ every night if you never buy a drink, asshat.

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