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Wednesday Night.... weekend update?

Well, I haven't updated in the way shmivejournal never does (and that's why we all love him) in a while. So it's Wednesday night, and I'm going through another weekend update.

Friday night hiphopatcong came down to drewuniversity. Despite inviting runstaverun and windexcowboy to hang with us the day before, we ended up all alone. So after meandering about a bit, we decided on Mexican, and settled on finding caniswolfie's favorite place, the Sagebrush. Of course, this involved finding the place. While my ``sweetie'' knew a way to get there right off 287, I never mastered it and ended up checking with caniswolfie for his preferred path. So hiphopatcong and I drove about the region in the rain, making wrong turn after wrong turn. Every siren in Morris County was in front of us or behind us all night. Road blocks, police pulling people over, tons of ambulances. The whole night had a crazy feel when combined with my horrible wipers and scratched windshield.

By the time we finally found the place, it took ages to get seated. After getting seated, it took a geological epoch to get helped. Well, half an hour, but still, it was insane. As usual, the food and drink were prepared and served in record time, once the fucking order got fucking placed. It was good spending time with him, chatting about life, different interpersonal relationships with people we knew, where our lives were going.... Tons of fun.

So we headed back to the condo, where hiphopatcong ended up hanging out with easydamsel and her pet vagrant. carrisse visited, and got scarred and scared by the place.

Saturday I had to work a few hours at EB. Originally, it was until a late hour, so I couldn't attend incetardis's party, but the regional manager hacked and slashed the hours for the store, letting me go out anyway. After work I raced to drewuniversity, where runstaverun had just finished up his afternoon shift and windexcowboy was waiting. The three of us ventured off to the former's residence, finally realizing I could have just gone straight there as we had to take two cars from drewuniversity anyway. Duh. kikibird was there waiting for us, her other half got prepared, and we headed for the city.

runstaverun got ``creative'' with the route there, looping once about his region, cutting through parking lots, and finally ending up in Manhatten where we had to get updated directions from our host. We made it into Brooklyn over the Manhatten Bridge, but the directions weren't clear. Take BQE towards Queens. Sign shows BQE west and BQE east. Queens is to the north. What the fuck do we do? Well, we get lost, and end up eating at a local deli. We weren't that far from his place, so we were there shortly afterwards.

incetardis invited every drewuniversity student who has ever taken an art class, art faculty, friends from back home in Mexico City, and us. An interesting mix, and a packed place. His apartment was amazing, and so him. A very cool setup, full of his little touches and artwork. runstaverun kept kikibird and I drinking interesting things, we even drank like pirates at one point. We got dirt on incetardis from his highschool friends, caught up with alumni who I haven't seen in years, and had a great time. Found out that some guy who I thought looked like one of the Deer Game members was actually THAT MEMBER! That right there made my evening. I fucking knew a minor internet celebrity. Hell, he was part of the crew that stalked me my Sophomore year. Wow. I'm still in shock. I know I've linked to that site a few times, as has memepool and cruel_com. Wow. As incetardis pointed out to me today, there were lots of hot women there. Yes. Lots of hot women. Then again, there were just LOTS of people there. Faces I hadn't seen in ages in some cases. It was a tightly packed place, with dozens and dozens of people filling the apartment.

At the end of the evening, windexcowboy realized he didn't have his MP3 player on him. Couldn't find it in the coat closet, his coat, runstaverun's car, their apartment, acadtech's offices, or any of the places he had been. Sucks. He fears it fell out at the random deli we ate at.

kikibird was excited to see Lady Liberty, and we discussed how them New Englanders need to see the sights of the area.

Sunday was an insane day at EB. Showed up to a packed place with just two of us working. Intense Guy, former assman and robber bandit, showed up and chatted our ears off for a while. Just as it starts to quiet down, someone starts following me about the store after I made the mistake of mocking TSO in front of him. Then his large friend has a seizure, spilling his soda, knocking Game Doctors everywhere. I call mall security, who doesn't know how to deal with it and gets off the phone. After a while, they call back and start figuring things out. Before long there were five mall security guards, Rockaway police, first aid squad, and mall management all there. The guy himself was fine at that point, just slightly out of it. He didn't need the stretcher they had brought, and walked out with his parents. A customer asked if there was a robbery, but I misheard her. ``Was there a theft?'' I took as ``Do you have Grand Theft Auto?'' So some poor woman got the wrong story. Some kid brought in an Xbox that his cousin had stuck a disk with bubble gum on it in, so we had to pry the poor lovely machine open and give them a new one. I made hiphopatcong watch the DOA volleyball intro, and Ben Radar showed up. No one wished him a happy birthday despite my cash offers.

So after my long three insane hours, I went to see LOTR:TTT with kikibird and runstaverun. As with the first movie, every single time I made plans to see it, shit fell apart. People got sick, plans got cancelled, or one job would go out while the other needed me to work and vice versa. All sorts of crap, both movies, until I finally got time and people together. As I expected, loved it. Even better than the first. Blew me away, as expected. Had flashbacks to my mom reading me the trilogy as a kid.

Monday was my usual Joe Monday. They got rid of the girl incetardis and I thought was the most attractive. Oh well.

Before Joe, caniswolfie convinced windexcowboy and I to go to Famous Dave's with him. He and I split the meal that they serve on a trashcan lid. Wow. A rare magical thing occured.... I didn't clean the dessert plate. I was just that stuffed. Amazing sauces, great bloody satanic mary, good times. But those good times made us too late to watch Joe Millionaire live. kellan547 was unreachable to tape it, but carrisse taped it for windexcowboy.

After our Monday ritual, watched Natural Born Killers on the Spanish channel. It was even more disturbing, being able to make out the sweet songs of Cohen and the bite of NiN, while being unable to comprehend most of the words coming out of the news reports or characters. Made it incredibly surreal in the mindset I found myself in.

After serving our time for acadtech on Tuesday, windexcowboy, incetardis, caniswolfie, and I went to a Japanese/Chinese market to eat. They had gotten rid of most of their sushi and other fresh foodstuffs at that point, so it was just me running around the place like a kid on Christmas with the other three trying to pull me out. I managed to escape having only bought a bucket full of Pokemon stuffs, green tea candy, black ice tea, and an eel roll that I just realized I never ate like a wasteful bastard. While I was happy just eating all of that, the others insisted foolishly on proper nourishment. So we went to a crappy Mexican place, where incetardis talked them into making him a custom meal.

Today... well.... Dawson's night. What more needs to be said?

The past few days I've found myself in a Zeppelinesque mood. Had a good conversation with Paul, mrfantasy, and runstaverun about music as a result. My favorite Zep song (All of my Love, of course) was unavailable to me, so I had to use my favorite P2P network, which ended up giving me a ``rare find'' of an overplayed car commercial soundtrack down here in the US of A. Good song, true, just hard to remove from the context normally found in.

So how is everyone?

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