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My CS posts

[-] [21010]---From: Kingfox at Sat Mar 16 11:28pm 2032---
[-] Subj: Let me fucking explain
[-] all you cukinc people gotta realie that cs is a good game
[-] because you all you people who love it.
[-] all you people gotta fucking love the fame because cs is a
[-] good place and i love you all and you gotta come together.
[-] Listen., cs is not perfect, but I really do like all you
[-] people and I try to be koserher to all of ytou people and
[-] I like you people when I meet you IRL you are cool people
[-] even th e assholes who are crossing ooc/ic lines. its
[-] hard to hate any of you except when you people really ah
[-] fuckingwh me intentionally and are beliigerant fuckholes.
[-] I just want peoplt to fucking play the game. Like be cool
[-] and not spread shit about the botyf like OOC shit about
[-] the botf. and be c0oo cool and just respect each other
[-] OOCly and fuckithe each other ICly. Like why all you
[-] playua haters gotta fuckin the wt asclepius and like go
[-] after people and be like whaaa maru and drone are killa
[-] bmawretaert
[-] Like give all of your funky adnvaced gear to the players
[-] just give your bikes away like the two fucking canucks
[-] Listen just be all cool with each other and be nice to the
[-] admin. It's like, weufck not paid for this job and we do
[-] it becuaser we love the game and we don't hate all of you
[-] expcet for acouple BITCH people and we love you all.
[-] Really. Except those of you that try to FUCK UIS over and
[-] over and ther'es all these cool people at this aprty abut
[-] but it's fucking nuts.
[-] I love thisp party. There's fucking sya there's one guy
[-] here who I think is gay but he hads red hair and he's met
[-] THE APES AS HT MONEKEY AT THE END and he's fucking met the
[-] etrade monkey and he's here and he pissed me off buty I
[-] had lots of red bulls and vodka and he seems really cool
[-] now. and i had jeagermesifter and i had some midori
[-] sours. MIKE MAENG IS A RUSSIAN SPY na dhe made me some
[-] drinks and lestat the fucking fcool hot ladyu is here and
[-] stepson and aaronj and all these people. But not the
[-] triuple M threat. He's hgot kids and he's not here.
[-] So fuck y'all be nice and cool and I love you all and fuck
[-] yeay. FUCK YEAH Aalaaal you bitches gotta come to ny c
[-] and have sushi with raul and achioiles like lynxc did.
[-] Yeah. OHOOOOOO lestat called someone a cocksucker. I
[-] hnedd to not be suied by my fucking employer. wwwwot I
[-] hate people who mock me in their livejournals. Woot
[-] wooot. If you work in IT there is not anything else out
[-] there. Got I wanna be a sys admin.
[-] I love red bull and I love skyy vodka. I like skyy. Skyy
[-] is so good and I haven't been this drunk in ages. WOOOT
[-] WOOOT TA there are so many cute little hottie chicks at
[-] drew watrewt and they are lisetning to Veruca Salt. But
[-] not doctor octagon. See, vaeruca salt once I met the
[-] chiucl who played veruca salt, and I told my ex that I met
[-] veruca salt and tshe thought I meant fairuza balk and I
[-] said I meant fairuzea and she was like WOAH why are you
[-] still here, fi you met balk, you woukdn't be around.
[-] So be nice to each toher and don't cheat or I'kll @toad you
[-] all but I love you.
[-] KF
[-] -------
[-] [21012]---From: Kingfox at Sat Mar 16 11:34pm 2032---
[-] Subj: Let me say
[-] for those paging me
[-] I'm ntoa ll men, I just just one man, I'm not that man.
[-] KF
[-] -------

Sad thing is, I can piece that whole thing together, down to the Rollins quote.

Damn I had lots of fun at that party. A great assortment of people, a wide variety of people, all of them most cool in their own unique ways. From the redneck telling car repo stories to the Maiden fan....

Anyway, I did my good deed for the day and got our host hangover meds. He looked so sick in the morning, poor guy. It's odd how he and I have become such close friends and talk all the time, yet others I considered closer back in high school have fled, alienated themselves, or turned into major dicks.

Speaking of odd people from the past, ended up getting my St. Patty's day dinner cooked and served to me by a former roomie's ex under a mile from my office. Afterwards, we went and got dessert from the former employer of a friend of mine... who I worked with to help out one night. It's odd, being with her tonight. She lives such a solitary life, working three jobs, attending church, living alone, not really talking to anyone for days outside of work. I could never see myself surviving like that, yet I live like that if I'm not careful, unless talking through the computer counts. While driving Aaron to the Path in Hoboken today, I recounted memories of one of my idols growing up, Bill. Bill my stepfather's friend, the man who got me into computers, computer games, and programming. The man who would sit in his apartment for days with his computer in his underwear unless people came over and made him get dressed and eat.

Hanging out with the ghost of Drew past tonight, we shared stories of job woes, budget cuts, and hiring freezes. Eh.

I'm just pulling my hair out over something else though and just can't concentrate. I just can't even keep my head straight, and I fear the worst, and I'm just not very comfortable in my skin right now and I don't even know how to put it into fucking words.

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