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So I had a party and some people came...

Mostly naked female covered in sushi and cellophane for sanitary reasons...I'm going to start this alphabetically so as not to miss anyone. Big ups to aaronkliger for coming, I feel bad that he had to freeze his ass off at the train station. Thanks to ancalimar for introducing me to the person responsible for the sushi platter, boo to him not getting to the party, even if his car broke down. Thanks for showing up, caniswolfie, you really are the yin to my yang, and we really do transform into Total Support Specialistbot. All praise and hail carrisse for arranging the beautiful platter. But damn her for not telling me that she would have gone bottomless if I had asked TWO DAYS LATER. Shit. But yeah, major worshipping to the three lovely ladies who provided the amazing wonderful gorgeous sushi platter. I sure did enjoy eating that last vegetable roll. Liz was quite cool, and I'll worship at the altar of Tara any day of the week. I owe them all, big time. Great to see chiquib, she brought joy and light to the gathering for me. She even didn't get dramatic with people she had a damn good reason to get dramatic with. If only she had ditched the guy she's with for one of my friends like I told her to. Thanks for coming doughnutman, though relax, when you sleep next to a speaker bad things happen. At least you weren't in a tub. hiphopatcong, I am also sorry about your transformation into a Feffsicle. kellan547 and Gloria, I don't buy your `too tired' lines. It was a relaxing evening for all! You two should have come, the former bringing microbrew and the latter bringing her smiles! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, kikibird. Thanks for the use of your place, the crash space, the support, the troubleshooting, the help, and enabling me to have one of the greatest nights of my life in recent history. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'm indebted, I'm glad it went off well. Thanks to mrfantasy and his nifty better half for showing up and bringing homemade hummus and homemade pitas. Non-earth-raping goodness! Great stuff. Thank you for attending, periol. Your humor and wit added to the evening, you're a cool guy. redvector? You should have shown up, in costume, and had sushi. You were missed. runstaverun... See above comments. Thanks for making the evening possible, thanks for trusting me and the people in my life to not destroy your place, thanks for the effort in pulling things off. shmivejournal, thanks for showing up, so I could finally meet your ass. Mister former co-sysop from 1991 or 1992 or so, finally meeting ages later. I'm still in awe of your hilarious and amazing journalling skillz, playa. You should come up north again. stepson and April, thanks for making the long trek up north. It's been too long since I've seen you both, you are great people and great friends. I can't wait to hang out next weekend with you both. towelboy, you are the sunshine and the hairy moon. As always, great to share a magical night with you. Same to hiphopatcong. The fucking triple. You two are my brothers. Pete, you are my family, my oldschool longterm buddy through it all. You are sweet to me like sugar, Wesley Willis style. Even if you and Doug left me hanging that time in the bathroom. Aaron, you're my wisdom, my guru in the cave, the voice on my shoulder. Life is saner with your very existence. windexcowboy, as always, you were hilarious. I never believed people about how great drunken Larsson was until recently. Mike Maeng? Russian spy? You're the man, the shining light that redeems this race of assholes and creeps. Emily (no, not Sarah)? You win `best female putting up with being treated like shit by Russ' award and `greatest present' award. Seriously. Though some motherfucker stole part of the present. I can understand, you don't think kingfox will make use of the cigs. But could whichever fucking asshole stole the smokes have fucking asked before ripping out a part of my fucking present? Seriously. I would have given them. Just ask me, instead of being a fucking two-faced douchebag. If reality was more like cybersphere, I'd post something about killing everyone I see smoking Marlboro reds. Anyway, yeah, Emily you rock and my friends love you. Elaina, I'm never going to be able to look at you without laughing at the way we met. Thanks for flashing me in return for sipping beer from the floor. I hadn't seen enough firm young breasts at that point in the evening. Jake? It was good to see you, it was amusing to see your interactions with shmivejournal, your countryman. Rich, even if people think you stole stuff, it was good to see you again. You were born for dying. Natalie, what do I say? Lying on that pillow trying to catch up on the past nine years under my trenchcoat was amazing, we still have a few years to go. Thanks for telling me last night that you wished you had stayed, that would have been great, too bad you had to leave with drunken guy. That's regret number two, right after not asking Tara to take her panties off like I could have. I'll kick myself over both for a while.

What hasn't been said by now? What cracks do I fill in? No, avoid the obvious jokes please. Thanks to everyone for the amazing presents, from noelr's generous finds to kikibird and runstaverun both finding me Pikachu hands to make my `` ''s in conversation even funnier and helping me prepare for a real life. The robots from stepson and April fought in my office today, and people provided a variety of movies I shall enjoy watching... hopefully with some of those in my life.

To those who couldn't make it, for whatever reason, I'm sorry you weren't there. I was hoping to have Deryu and Aki talk with kikibird about Japan while Haas talked to runstaverun about Dreamcast. Oh well. It was a tightrope act, with a variety of people capable of going off on each other, like ex's of mine who expressed hatred for each other. Take some people that I'm already not always comfortable with, and I think it could have been a drama fruitcake. As it was? It worked out well. A good balance of people, from random prude shmivejournal to mean gin-swilling chair-throwing mrfantasy.

After most people left, I had an existential crisis at around four in the morning. I blame the absinthe, and assembling a soundtrack on my beloved Xbox a few late nights. While pouring back through my music collection, I uncovered music representing memes and perceptions of a person I once was... and some of those perspectives or patterns I missed. Combine that with a rush of the old and new in a tight place, lots of drinking, a close time with the greatest friends who I love so much, and I was a teary-eyed confused mess trying to find my place in the universe at four in the morning. Finally, I slept.

And woke up with aaronkliger and hiphopatcong looking at the latter's laptop. He took amazing shots of the evening, a video of sushi being devoured, and one shot of my ``shared moment'' with my Winnie Cooper. She desperately wants a copy of that image as well. The video made by a kid at the schoolyard, hiphopatcong in with the kids, was great. Eventually everyone woke up, and people slowly left. Finally it was the hosts and I. I cleaned, they cleaned, and we took turns passing out and playing Xbox. They played, I slept. I played with one of them, the other slept. We all slept. Finally, after a relaxing lazy day with those two hep cats, I went home.... just in time to have the existential crisis I held off return. On top of that, my Xbox was acting like a DJ to a teenage boy, playing all of the appropriate songs at just the right moments to stab me in the side. I was about to have neenerface call me, when the phone rang, and Winnie Cooper was there. We ended up talking until my alarm rang, and rang again, and rang again. Finally I got off the phone and ran to work. Needless to say, I'm a loon at this point, barely keeping together. After my weekly Joe at the Maison de windexcowboy, I'm going straight home and passing out. I tried napping, doing the Churchill method of keys in hand, but kept on waking up.

So tonight I sleep well. Thank you again for all responsible for one of the most amazing nights in my recent stretch of life on this rock.

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