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I haven't tapped yet, the moon will not let me

Did you ever think I get lonely
did you ever think that I needed love
did you ever think to stop thinking
you're the only one I'm thinking of

You'll never know how hard I tried
to find my space and satisfy you too

The moon, my mistress, is not permitting me sleep. The moonlight keeps me awake, sleepy yet unable to cross the brink. So to pass the time, I'm copying music over to my Xbox. It's been great, digging through old CDs that I haven't really listened to since I had a radio show. I remember singing this song with towelboy, long ago.

Time has a way of taking time
Loneliness is not only felt by fools
Alone I call to ease the pain
Yearning to be held by you, Alone so alone, I'm lost
Consumed by the pain
the pain, the pain, the pain

Won't you hold me again
you just laughed, ha ha ha, bitch
my whole life is work built on the past
but the time has come when all things shall pass
this good thing passed away

No, I'm not brooding Russell of the mid 90's. I'm just listening to his music, the song Lord Minty dedicated to me so many nights.

Then I'll try to sleep again, and if that doesn't work, wrap presents.

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