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Birthday evening.

So far Man vs Beast has been downright hilarious. Thinking we are capable of filling every niche of the ecosystem is funny. Shut up whining man, the zebra will mock your ass with a buck.

I won't pull a ``Lone Gunman'' for the leftcoasters with no taste who are observing it.

Driving home from work, Ron and Fez were talking about desecrating mrfantasy's heritage. They actually used, at two different points, the example of going to Olive Garden while in Colorado or Oklahoma... both states that mrfantasy has ties to. Fascinating. No other states were named, beyond Jersey as the one state you don't go to Olive Garden.

carrisse and kellan547 are both working towards helping provide me an excellent special treat for the weekend. It will make my birthday, if it occurs. But then periol will be in deep trouble.

And in further news, towelboy's respect can be misunderstood, and we should all try to be as noble as hiphopatcong is when it comes to his friends.

Thanks to those who have called and wished me a happy birthday. Love you all.

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